Okay So ‘Chocolate Snow’ Fell on Switzerland Last Week

Okay So ‘Chocolate Snow’ Fell on Switzerland Last Week

A malfunction at a Lindt factory has caused chocolate snow to fall on a Swiss town. It’s a 2020 miracle.

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Chocolate snow is now a thing in 2020

Last week people in Olten, Switzerland got a bit of a sweet surprise when a ‘cocoa snow’ began falling from the sky in the middle of European summer. The culprit was the nearby Lindt factory which experienced a cooling ventilation system malfunction on a coca nib line.

This caused the cocoa to become airborne and reportedly strong wins helped it cover parts of the town near the factory.

chocolate snow
Particles of crushed cocoa that fell on the town. Image: Oltner Tagblatt.

According to Time, chocolate manufacturer Lindt & Spruengli  has publicly acknowledged the issue and offered to pay for any necessary cleaning. At the time of writing no one had taken them up on the offer yet. It has also said that there are now environmental or health dangers attached to what has been dubbed ‘chocolate snow’.

“Cocoa rain in the Olten industrial quarter: the ventilation system is to blame,” Olten’s Twitter account said. This was followed by a picture of the cocoa dusting on top of a car.

Chocolate spill

The ventilation has now been repaired and the all-important task of chocolate production has thankfully been able to continue.

This entire situation is reminiscent of that time in 2018 when a tanker full of liquid chocolate spilled on a highway in Poland. The truck was carrying around twelve tonnes of chocolate, which began solidifying on the road. In the end firefighters had to melt it with hot water.

Chocolate snow seems like the better outcome here, and is certainly the reprieve we all need from this cursed timeline right now.




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