The LG Wing Swivel Phone Exudes Chaotic 2020 Energy

The LG Wing Swivel Phone Exudes Chaotic 2020 Energy

This week LG hinted at an upcoming ‘wing’ phone with a swivel form factor. And honestly, I’m down. Cause fuck it — 2020 baby.

The LG Wing Specs

Leaks of the new dual screen device have been circulating for a little while now. According to leaked images and info, the LG Wing has a second display that pops out from the rear of the device and pivots.

Yes, this absolutely means you would be wielding a horizontal and vertical display simultaneously. This notion is somewhat cursed and frankly, I love it for that reason.

Android Authority has a few exclusive clips of how the two screens could work together. One shows it being utilised in a car for Sat Nav and music simultaneously. The other shows off how it might be used for mobile gaming.

Not a lot is known about the specs but apparently the device will have 6.8-inch and 4-inch displays and a Snapdragon 765G processor. As the name suggests, this would make the phone 5G compatible.

LG Wing Price

XDA developers has also said that the device will cost $US1,000. This is just a rumour of course, but an interesting one. Previous rumours had placed it at 1,900,000 Korean won, $US1,610.

Here in Australia that puts the alleged prices at around $1,300 or $2,200 before you even factor in different market prices, taxes, etc. I’m very curious as to how much it’s actually going to cost here.

It’s probably coming to Australia

The good news for like minded people who also worship chaos is that the LG Wing will most likely be coming here.

Not only did LG confirm the Wing this week, the news was sent to Aussie journalist’s from the company’s local PR team.

The company sent out an official invite to its Project Explorer event, where the LG Wing will be unveiled. The event is being held at midnight on September here in Australia and it’s going to be live streamed on LG’s YouTube channel.

LG hasn’t released many details yet, but it did offer a teaser video that briefly features the swivelling form factor phone.


“LG and platform partners feel it is vitally important to demonstrate to consumers new and differentiated user experiences in the smartphone space,” said Morris Lee, president of LG Electronics’ Mobile Communications Company in a press released.

“LG has always been a pioneer in pushing the envelope of smartphone form factors, the only way to bring about much needed innovation in the mobile market.”

And look, they’re not wrong there. Since last year the company gave a different kind of dual screen phone a crack – the V50 and V60 ThinQ devices. To be perfectly honest, I wasn’t a fan. I even referred to the V50 as punishment for mankind’s sins.

But single devices aside, I respect LG for at least trying unique things in the mobile space. Regular black phones are boring – bring on the weird shit.


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