Logitech’s New MX Anywhere 3 Is a Great Pint-Sized Productivity Mouse with a Super Slick Scroll Wheel

Logitech’s New MX Anywhere 3 Is a Great Pint-Sized Productivity Mouse with a Super Slick Scroll Wheel

Last spring, Logitech released its flagship MX Master 3 mouse, which featured a super smooth scroll wheel that immediately put everything else on the market to shame. And now with the new MX Anywhere 3, Logitech is about to do the same in a smaller and more portable package.

The big upgrade on the $129 MX Anywhere 3 is Logitech’s MagSpeed scroll wheel, which as its name implies, uses magnets so that you can choose between standard ratcheted scrolling, super smooth free scrolling, or a mix of both. On top of that, when in free scroll mode, not only are you able to scroll up to 1,000 lines in just a second, it’s basically totally silent.

In a new feature for Logitech’s MagSpeed scroll wheel, by using Logitech’s Options app, users will also be able to adjust the resistance of the scroll wheel, so you can make it as stiff or sensitive as you like. Meanwhile, for anyone who might miss the secondary lateral scroll wheel found on the larger MX Master 3, Logitech has also added a button combo that lets you scroll left or right simply by holding one of the two side buttons first while spinning the wheel.

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On the MX Anywhere 3, Logitech also addressed one of the biggest complaints about the previous model, which was its lack of a middle mouse click function. Thankfully, Logitech hasn’t messed with any of the MX Anywhere’s other core components, including its Darkfield tech, which allows for accurate tracking even on surfaces like glass, the ability to connect the mouse to up to three computers at the same time via Logitech Flow, and a wide range of preset and customisation button configs for apps like Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, and more.

Finally, with its built-in battery and USB-C port, the MX Anywhere 3 offers a whopping 70 days (yes days, not hours) of use on a single charge, with a one-minute charge adding enough power for three hours of juice.

Honestly, while I’ve only had the chance to use the MX Anywhere 3 for a couple hours, it has practically all the features I love about the MX Master three, but in a smaller and more portable design. This makes the MX Anywhere 3 a great alternative for people with smaller hands, as the MX Master is definitely on the large side. And with so many people being forced to work or study from home in tight space, between its price and size, the MX Anywhere feels like a better value for both home and future mobile productivity (ya know, when people can actually travel again).

The $129 MX Anywhere 3 will be available sometime later this month in both Windows (with support for Bluetooth and Logitech’s Unifying Receiver) and a Mac versions (Bluetooth only) in three colours: white, black, and pink.

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