Some of the Coolest Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Merch Will Soon Be Available to Everyone

Some of the Coolest Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Merch Will Soon Be Available to Everyone

Part of the allure of Disney parks’ Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge has been that you could only get Galaxy’s Edge merch at Galaxy’s Edge. Soon, that’ll no longer be the case. Gizmodo can exclusively reveal that starting September 28, Disney will put select Galaxy’s Edge merchandise, including those amazing Legacy Lightsabers, on their ShopDisney website.

To be clear, these are not the items you can currently get at Target U.S., which were unveiled last month. These are the actual, Batuu-specific Galaxy’s Edge items previously only available at Disneyland in California or Walt Disney World in Florida. While more items will come out later this year, on September 28, the offerings will primarily be from Black Spire Outfitters and Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities.

We’ll start with the Outfitters, which include all manner of authentic Jedi garb. Here are a few images.

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You’ll also be able to get the high-end collective Legacy Lightsabers from Dok-Ondar’s. That includes the iconic Skywalker saber, Darth Vader, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and more, along with the necessary accessories. (I personally, highly, recommend the saber stand.)

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And, in probably the coolest piece of news, fans can go to the Disney Parks Blog and vote on which Legacy Lightsaber they next want to see become available. It’s a very interesting selection of sabers from all across the Star Wars canon.

One of these will be the next Legacy Saber from Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge. (Image: Disney)
One of these will be the next Legacy Saber from Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. (Image: Disney)

All of that’s great for fans across the globe. Plus, for fans who happen to be close to Walt Disney World or Disneyland, “Star Wars Trading Post” merchandise locations are opening, or have opened, at Disney Springs and Downtown Disney respectively. Downtown Disney’s just opened earlier this week while Disney Springs will open on September 22. They’ll have all of this stuff, and more, in person.

Plus, over the next few months, other offerings from Galaxy’s Edge stores will become available. Things like the toys from the Toydarian Toymaker, droids from the Droid Depot, and animals from the Creature Stall. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to have a Ronto Wrap or the obviously superior Blue Milk because food and beverage don’t travel well.

Some fans are sure to complain this makes previously purchased Galaxy’s Edge merch a little less special now that everyone can get it. Maybe that’s true. But after six months of not selling warehouses full of this stuff in the parks thanks to them being closed due to the global pandemic, can you blame Disney for doing this? It makes all the sense in the world and doesn’t make your stuffed Rey doll any less cool.

Again, you can find all the items at ShopDisney, and here’s where you can vote on the sabers. Also, a vote for Qui-Gon is a correct vote.

Editor’s Note: Aussie shipping from ShopDisney may be tricky, but there are U.S. postal redirect services you could use to get around shipping requirements.