Nathan Drake Looks at Nathan Drake in the First Pictures of Sony’s Uncharted Movie

Nathan Drake Looks at Nathan Drake in the First Pictures of Sony’s Uncharted Movie

Drake’s deception! I’m seeing two Drakes!

Sony’s long-in-gestation attempt to bring the beloved Naughty Dog action-adventure gaming series Uncharted to the big screen has finally, truly, actually entered production. Given the project’s past with attempted reboots and seemingly endless delays, you might be forgiven for not just taking Sony for its word that Ruben Fleischer — the latest in a distressingly long line of directors attached to the project — had actually started making the damn thing without any pictorial evidence.

Well, good news: the original Nathan Drake himself has swiped his most valuable treasure, in the form of actual pictures confirming that yes, Uncharted is a movie that is being made.

This morning, actor Nolan North — who, alongside approximately seven billion other voice-over credits, has voiced and provided motion capture for Nathan Drake since his debut on the Playstation 3 — shared three new pictures from a recent visit to the set, including one of him talking to his cinematic replacement: Tom Holland, who will be playing the young version of Drake in the movie’s vague prequel-reboot setting of the franchise.

The other pictures are more in line with what we can expect from the movie itself — ancient ruins and mystical artifacts, and then nice big books about classical explorers for young Drake to pore over while hunting said ancient ruins and mystical artifacts. The explorer in this particular picture isn’t Francis Drake — who was a distant ancestor of Nate’s in the game series — squint hard enough and you’ll see the book is about the voyages of 16th-century Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan. He’s famous for leading the expedition to the West Indies that ultimately concluded in the first circumnavigation of the Earth.

That doesn’t tell us much about what to expect out of the Uncharted movie’s plot, outside of the fact that it’s going to be quite different from what we’ve seen in the games already. We already knew that going in, but still, it’s nice to get a little clue as to what to expect out of this translation to the big screen.

The Uncharted movie is, somehow, set to hit U.S. theatres July 16, 2021 (and Australian ones soon after).