This Artist Turns ‘Precious Moments’ Into Halloween Horrors

This Artist Turns ‘Precious Moments’ Into Halloween Horrors

If you grew up in a religious household–or had a grandparent who loved bric-a-brac — chances are you’re familiar with Precious Moments. They’re the porcelain miniatures that depict young children doing good deeds. They might be cute, but there’s always been something a bit “off” about them. Something one artist is using to her advantage.

Hairstylist Marcy Wiegert has been sharing her latest artistic endeavour on Twitter: repainting Precious Moments and other old-school figurines to look creepy and evil. Some of them pay tribute to some of cinema’s greatest horror flicks, like It, Child’s Play, and Beetlejuice. Others are just abominations.

In an interview with Gizmodo, Wiegert said she started creating them as a way to express herself artistically during the novel coronavirus pandemic, but now they’ve taken on a life of their own. Friends have been leaving figurines on her porch for her to make over — she’s even working on converting an old dollhouse into a haunted mansion. As far as why she’s taken on this hobby, Wiegert said transforming tchotchkes into spooky creatures just kind of made sense.

Here are some of her more recent creations:

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“I’ve always preferred the spooky and creepy stuff over normal anyway, so it’s just kind of an instinct I have, if you can call it that,” she said. “We see these things everywhere. I see them in every thrift store, in everyone’s houses. I know personally, as a tween, I got tons of them growing up. And they kind of have this unsettling quality about them, the way they are. There’s like this weird purity to them and, to me, it just makes more sense to make them spooky and weird.”

Wiegert said she’s sold a few of her figurines so far because people showed an interest in them. The door is open to taking commissions in the future, but since she has a full-time job as a stylist, it might not happen soon. You can head to Wiegert’s Twitter for more information and examples of her work.