You Can Buy Ryan Reynolds’ Severed Head In This Hollywood Auction

You Can Buy Ryan Reynolds’ Severed Head In This Hollywood Auction

X-Men Origins: Wolverine is not a good movie. In fact, it’s quite a bad movie. If you want to be reminded of this fact on a daily basis, auction house Prop Store has just the item for you. In its latest Hollywood auction catalogue, it’s listed a replica Ryan Reynolds head mould, as used in the final battle between proto-Deadpool and Wolverine in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. You might like to purchase the head as a gift for an unsuspecting friend, or buy it for yourself and burn it. It’s a horrible little thing, and you probably shouldn’t stare at it for too long.

Prop Store is one of the leading auction house in the UK and the U.S. for pop culture replicas, memorabilia and film-used props. You can find nearly everything in its latest auction, from the coat Keanu Reeves wore in The Matrix Reloaded to early sketches from Alien. 

If you’re cashed up and looking to spend, items will go on sale from 1:00 a.m. AEDT on December 2 and December 3, with more than 900 lots planned to be auctioned throughout the two day period (including the Ryan Reynolds’ weird head).

You can participate online too, so if you’re not in London, you won’t miss out. Options for bidding are listed here.

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Now, back to Ryan Reynolds’ severed head.

If you see this terrifying visage and immediately gain an unfathomable desire or it, you’ll need to fork out at least £1,000-£1,500 ($1,807-$2,711). This is a guidance though, and you may end up paying for more. A bidding war for this miserable head is hard to imagine, but it’s not outside the realm of possibility.

You might be wondering why a fleshtone silicone head is going for up to $2,700, but there’s a simple answer. As horrifying as this grotesque head may be, it’s also a prop marking the very first appearance of Deadpool in live action. There’s enough interest in the Deadpool and X-Men films to warrant it, but it should be noted there’s a high chance this prop is cursed. Think carefully before you bid on it.

If the silicone head isn’t cursed enough, you can also grab this animatronic Ryan Reynolds used to guide visual effects for the film:

ryan reynolds prop store auction house
Image: Prop Store

Do not look this directly in the eye. I don’t know what’ll happen, but it can’t be anything good.

If you’re really hankering for some Hollywood prop goods, Prop Store has just released its full catalogue for its December 2020 auctions in London. There’s plenty of iconic movie costumes, weapons, props and scripts available, including a few of these choice picks:

Claire Bennett’s cheerleading outfit (Heroes)

prop store auction
Image: Prop Store

This is a piece I would love to have. When 2006 superhero show Heroes was good, it was great. When it was bad, it was awful. But Hayden Panettiere’s Claire Bennett was always at the heart of the show, and this cheerleading outfit is absolutely iconic.

You’ll need to save for it as hard as Peter Petrelli tried to save the cheerleader, but I’d say it’s worth it. The price guide is set at £3,000-£5,500 ($5,421-$9,036).

Keanu Reeves’ Matrix Reloaded coat

matrix reloaded coat prop
Image: Prop Store

The Matrix Reloaded isn’t a good movie, but it’s iconic for its failed potential. (I mean, a digital cake that causes orgasms? Really? You’re going to follow up the most thought-provoking film of the late 1990s with orgasm cake?) Hopefully the mistakes of The Matrix franchise will be amended with the release of The Matrix 4 in 2021 but until then, this coat will be a very cool reminder of how good the The Matrix franchise could have been. The price guide is set at £40,000-£60,000 ($72,313-$108,472) due to the instant recognisability of the item.

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The coat’s also been worn by Keanu Reeves, so you know it’s been touched by the hand of god.

The cursed Aztec gold from Pirates of the Caribbean

pirates of the caribbean prop store
Image: Prop Store

This won’t turn you into a funky little skeleton unfortunately, but if you grab it you will have a piece of important movie history. The original Pirates of the Caribbean movie is an icon of cinema, and the Aztec gold is immediately recognisable as an important part of Hollywood history. While there are multiple pieces like this scattered around the world, it sure would be awesome to own a real piece of the Pirates cursed treasure.

Nicholas Hoult’s Beast feet from X-Men: First Class

hollywood auction x-men
Image: Prop Store

I’m kidding, don’t buy these. Only sickos would buy these.

You can also grab items from Alien, James Bond, Power Rangers and more in the Prop Store auction. Check out the full catalogue here.