This Aussie Redditor Has Made A Ranked List Of The Best Bus Seats

This Aussie Redditor Has Made A Ranked List Of The Best Bus Seats

Everyone has a favourite bus seat. Even before you consider extraneous factors like fellow travellers, there’s a mental calculus that we all go through once when get on bus, trying to figure out where to sit. And one redditor has sought to codify their preferences into a tiered list.

In the latest in the series of redditors making graphs, maps, and charts, u/maltycrab posted an image to the r/Brisbane sub-reddit that ranks the different seats in a Brisbane bus, and why they received that rank.

The tiers — which is accompanied by a graph that u/maltycrab notes is ‘not to scale’ — categorises every spot in the bus from the S Tier at the top to the bottom F Tier.

In doing so, the redditor considers everything from seat comfort, air conditioning positioning, leg room, the likelihood that you’ll need to give the seat up and more.

And what was the verdict?

The best spot, according to u/maltycrab, is two sets of seats three-quarters the way down the bus. Citing the flow of the air conditioning and the seat cushions, they decided these are “the best seats on the bus, wouldn’t complain at all.”

Whereas the worst place to be on the bus was being seatless in the aisle. While acknowledging that it’s “typically more healthy”, u/maltycrab succintly said it’s on the bottom tier because “you’re standing up.”

Of course, these rankings were controversial. Some redditors agreed with the bus seat tiers, whereas others offered their own.

One driver, r/SkeE007, even weighed in. They pointed out that the front seat is called the ‘suicide seat’, whereas the back seat is where you’re most likely to find the fare evaders.

“Though seriously most people on the bus are very cool, interesting to watch and interact with and make my day most of the time. You make my job possible and it’s a pleasure (except for the 1%) to get you where you need to be,” they wrote.


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