Clark’s New Superman & Lois Suit Is Mighty Easy on the Eyes

Clark’s New Superman & Lois Suit Is Mighty Easy on the Eyes

With Superman & Lois, the CW plans to explore a phase of Clark Kent and Lois Lane’s shared lives that’s typically only had but so much time in the spotlight within DC’s comics. Here, the Metropolis-based couple isn’t just a talented team of reporters, they’re also parents who somehow find the time to fit saving the world from destruction into their schedules.

Though this Superman’s still the same man who’s been involved in the CW’s many superhero crossover events, Superman & Lois centres on aspects of his life not yet explored within his few appearances throughout the Arrowverse. Turns out, his own show means he’s getting new threads when it launches in the new year. Today, the CW dropped the first official look at the last son of Krypton’s latest fit, a modernised take on Superman’s classic costume that eschews the red briefs for a striking, but sleek red belt accented with his crest.

Superman's new costume. (Image: The CW)
Superman’s new costume. (Image: The CW)

The main body of the suit features a subtle, but still noticeable vertical patterning to it that evokes the ideas of movement and momentum, and it’ll be interesting to see what the entire thing looks like in action, particularly while Supes is flying and the suit’s presumably interacting with natural light.

Superman & Lois — starring a returning Tyler Hoechlin and Elizabeth “Bitsie” Tulloch — premieres on February 23.