Next-Gen Consoles and 6 Other Things Cheaper Than Apple’s New AirPods Max

Next-Gen Consoles and 6 Other Things Cheaper Than Apple’s New AirPods Max

Apple has shown up for the holiday season with a Christmas miracle, depending on how big your wallet is. The AirPods Max is a new model of over-ear headphones announced today by the company. They have the latest and greatest in noise-cancellation technology, extended battery life and a comfortable design. They’re also $900.

I’ll repeat that – $900. Or $899 to be exact. That’s a lot of dollars to be forking out for a pair of headphones. While you weigh up whether it’s worth spending this much on the AirPods Max, here are some of these other things you can buy for under $900.

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A next-generation console

Image: Sony

You may not be able to actually buy a next-gen console at the moment, but if you could it would set you back less than a pair of Apple AirPods Max. The PlayStation 5 retails locally for $749 with the digital edition going for $599. The Xbox Series X is similarly priced at $749 and the Series S goes for $499.

If you’re a PC person you can even get a decent graphics card, like the Nvidia RTX 3060, for around $690.

At that price, you could even chuck in a decent pair of headphones, like the Sony Pulse 3D Wireless headset, and still not clock up $900. Or you could buy the AirPods Max.

Dyson fan

dyson fan
Image: Dyson

Dyson, considered the pinnacle of all things airflow technology, has a few products cheaper than the AirPods Max. A normal Dyson Tower Fan goes for $548, a hot and cool Pure Link fan goes for $599, and the top of the line Pure Cool Tower Fan goes for $799.

All less than $900 dollarydoos. And considering we’re in the midst of summer in Australia this is really something to weigh up. Or you go with the AirPods Max.

Overseas flights

Image: Qantas

Look it may not technically be possible to go on an overseas holiday right now, but back when it was or when it will be in the future, $900 can take you literally a long way.

For starters, you could take a return flight to anywhere in Australia right now for less than $900. One of the more expensive routes is coast to coast from Sydney to Perth, and those flights are around $550 max right now. That gives you some leftover money for a few nights accommodation too.

Pre-COVID times I even managed to book a return flight from Sydney to Los Angeles for $900. Sure, it was during a sale, but consider the parts of the world you could see with that money. Or you could pay that again and bring your AirPods Max on the flight with you.

81 Months of Netflix

netflix homepage
Image: Netflix

Netflix may be steadily rising its prices, but at the current cost of $10.99 a month for the basic plan in Australia, $900 would get you 81 months of streaming. That’s 6 years and 9 months of Netflix shows, or any similarly priced streaming service.

That is a hell of a lot of hours of Stranger Things and The Witcher. But for $900 more you could also listen to these shows through your AirPods Max.

Multiple Apple Products

apple airpods and ipad

Apple’s pricing standards have always been something, so why not just their new product against the prices of their other ones. You may not be able to buy a new iPhone for the same price as these new AirPods, but you can buy a fair few other Apple products.

For example, you could buy 3 of the 2nd Gen AirPods at $250 each and still have money left over, or 2 of the AirPods Pro. You could also buy a set of 2nd Gen AirPods, an Apple iPad (8th Gen) and an Apple TV, and just hit over $900. Or you could buy the AirPods Max.

Toilet Paper

toilet paper poo transplant
Image: Getty

After this year, we all know the measure of somethings worth is in toiler paper. For the purposes of this, I’ve averaged out the retail cost of toilet paper to 50c a roll. So, for $899 you would get … 1798 rolls of toilet paper. That would get you through quite a few lockdowns. Or you could buy the AirPods Max.

Your Mortgage Repayments

If the concept of $900 seems too abstract to comprehend, remember that it can literally be the difference between having a roof over your head or not.

That much money has the potential to cover multiple weeks of rent, not to mention our boss’s weekly mortgage repayments. The question is now, be a responsible adult or not?

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