The Nintendo Switch Finally Enters 2020 With a Firmware Update Full of Necessities

The Nintendo Switch Finally Enters 2020 With a Firmware Update Full of Necessities

While the Nintendo Switch is undoubtedly a great little game console, but more than three years after its launch, some of its software still feels a bit clunky. Now Nintendo is officially joining the year 2020 (just as it’s about to end, but that’s fine!) with a Switch upgrade that adds some much-needed features.

This week Nintendo pushed out firmware version 11.0.0, which includes improvements to the Switch’s screenshot sharing, a new button on the home screen for Nintendo Switch Online, automatic save data downloads, and more.

As with previous firmware updates, you can download the new software by going into the Switch’s System Settings menu and selecting the System Update button. Nintendo has added a couple new buttons to the Switch’s UI, including a Nintendo Switch Online button on the home screen which allows you to quickly access NSO and check things like your current membership status. Meanwhile, the User Page has gotten a new Trending tab that lets you see what apps and games your friends have been playing recently.

However, the bigger changes in the Switch’s latest software update are under the hood: Nintendo is now providing two new options for transferring screenshots and videos off your Switch. If you’re using a mobile device, the Switch can connect to it wirelessly using a QR code in order to transfer up to 10 screenshots and one video in a single batch. If you’re using a PC, the Switch can also transfer screenshots and video over a USB cable thanks to its new Copy to a Computer feature. Just make sure you’re using the right USB cord for your setup.

And for anyone trying to download multiple games at once, the Switch will now let you choose which game, app, or even software update you want to prioritise first.

But perhaps the biggest change to the Switch is a new option that allows save game data stored in the cloud to be automatically downloaded to multiple Switch systems, provided that they are linked to the same Nintendo account (and you have an active Nintendo Switch Online membership, which is required for cloud saves). There are a couple caveats to this feature, including the need to download your save data manually the first time. The new automatic backup system will only back up save data for games that are actually installed on the Switch, so having purchased a certain title isn’t enough.

Finally, in addition to a handful of bug fixes and stability improvements, Nintendo also added 12 new user icons to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the Super Mario Bros. games, added support for Brazilian Portuguese as a language option, and added the ability to name preset button configs.

The Switch firmware update version 11.0.0 is available now.

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