Who Are The Stand’s Heroes? Allow Them to Reintroduce Themselves

Who Are The Stand’s Heroes? Allow Them to Reintroduce Themselves

Whether you’re talking about Steven King’s book or the new show, The Stand is not a story that’s easily, or quickly, summarized. In a pinch though, it kind of boils down to a group of heroes, lead by Mother Abigail, and a group of villains, led by Randall Flagg, battling for control of the world after a plague wipes almost everyone out.

Those heroes are all mysteriously drawn to Boulder, Colorado, where they begin to formulate both a strategy and an understanding of just what the heck is going on. It also creates something of a motley crew, blending all types of different people, ideologies, and more. A crew that may not be able to win the day.

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If you’d like to meet those people, you’re in a luck. A new video from CBS introduces the heroes of Boulder.

The Stand was a show I was very much looking forward to until I started to read reviews of it. There I learned how showrunner Josh Boone (New Mutants) adapted the original text and chose to tell the story out of sequence which, at least in early episodes, seems to ruin the discovery and stakes King slowly built as he created his world in the novel.

At least, that’s an early take. There’s a good chance after the full series is finished, there will be a payoff and reason for the new interpretation. Plus, to be honest, this video right here actually made me more interested in the show. The actors seem to have a good grasp not just on their characters, but the world itself and that’s obviously coming from somewhere.

The Stand hits Amazon Prime Video on January 15.

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