Anthony Mackie’s Existence Is Classified in the New Trailer for Outside the Wire

Anthony Mackie’s Existence Is Classified in the New Trailer for Outside the Wire

We’ve already seen Anthony Mackie as a soldier who becomes super with a little help from technology. Next, we’ll see technology make him a different kind of super-soldier — an android, to be precise.

That’s the set up for Outside the Wire, a Netflix original out next week. Set in the near future, Mackie plays an Army captain who recruits a free-thinking soldier (Damson Idris) to help him on a dangerous mission. The twist is, Mackie is a technologically advanced super-soldier who may not end up being as loyal once he’s set off into the world.

[referenced id=”1658228″ url=”” thumb=”×169.png” title=”Anthony Mackie Is a New Kind of Terminator in the Trailer for Netflix’s Outside the Wire” excerpt=”To fight a robot, you might just need a robot. Anthony Mackie and Damson Idris star in the first trailer for Netflix’s Outside the Wire, about a drone pilot tasked with helping his superior officer located a doomsday device. There’s just one tiny detail: His boss is an android.”]

Directed by Mikael Håfström (1408, Escape Plan), here’s the latest trailer for Outside the Wire.

Two big things jump out from this trailer. The first is the always welcome introduction of sci-fi elements, like Mackie’s tech and the robots, into realistic looking settings. Strong District 9 vibes. Second is the notable inference from this trailer that Mackie’s character starts as the hero but ends up the villain. That’s exactly the kind of character arc we can get behind. Whether or not it’ll work out that way, we’ll find out soon.

Outside the Wire (a title I keep getting mixed up with both the Kanye West song “Through the Wire” and the sports show Outside the Lines) hits Netflix on January 15.

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