How WhatsApp Is Fighting the Exodus to Telegram and Signal

How WhatsApp Is Fighting the Exodus to Telegram and Signal

WhatsApp’s planned new privacy policy has caused a mass exodus of users to other messaging platforms in recent weeks. The messaging service has since rolled out a number of measures to try and regain public trust, including newspaper ads.

Many people are concerned about WhatsApp’s new terms of service which are being updated to allow more user data to be shared with Facebook. WhatsApp also mandated that users accept this new policy by February 8 or lose access to their accounts.

A number of high profile names then shared their thoughts on the situation, including Elon Musk who simply tweeted “Use Signal”. Which is exactly what people did. The New York Times reported millions of people flocking to Telegram and Signal in response to these new policies from WhatsApp.

How WhatsApp is trying to stop users from fleeing

To try and curb this situation, WhatsApp has since implemented a number of measures. For starters, the deadline to accept the app’s new privacy policy has been pushed from February to May 15 — meaning users won’t be kicked off the app in a matter of weeks. This in an effort to allow users more time to review the new policy.

The company has also tried to address some of the confusion around its new terms, which actually relate more to using WhatsApp for shopping purposes rather than sharing users’ personal chats with Facebook. Tweets and an FAQ page have since been released to try and reinforce this message.

WhatsApp has gone even further in markets like India, where more than 400 million users are on the messaging service. Reuters reports that WhatsApp has pushed a marketing campaign into 10 English and Hindi newspapers, with large ads on the front pages and headlines such as “WhatsApp respects and protects your privacy”.

These tactics are all an effort to clear up some of the questions around WhatsApp’s new policy. The deadline push gives users more time to ponder these new terms of service and it gives WhatsApp the chance to set the record straight.

Whether or not these efforts pay off, WhatsApp’s new privacy policy will still be coming into effect in May.

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