The First WandaVision Clip Is a Campy, Retro Delight

The First WandaVision Clip Is a Campy, Retro Delight

It feels like it’s been forever since we had something new from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so thank god Wanda Maximoff and the Vision are about to show up and serve us some premium ham.

Appearing on last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, Elizabeth Olsen debuted a brief clip from the new Disney+ series. The bit is taken from the show’s black-and-white send-up of classic sitcoms — complete with live studio audience laugh tracks, old-school soundtracks, dodgy on-set effects, and both Olsen and co-star Paul Bettany serving up delightfully silly performances as the blissfully suburban versions of a chaos witch and the synthezoid she married.

The full interview is below, but the clip starts at the 4:24 mark:

The sound effects! The laughter! “Are you using your night vision, Vision?” I love it.

It’s quite unlike anything we’ve seen from Marvel before, even as, with confidence (and ten years of raking in billions of dollars while going “Here’s a raccoon in space with a gun, deal with it”), its output has gotten more esoterically weird and embracing of its comic book roots. There is, of course, the hint at something more — Wanda’s powers are growing, issues of control, and that something is amiss more than just the Vision residence’s beloved rose bushes. But it’s the commitment to earnest, gleeful retro TV that makes us all the more excited to get sucked into this show.

WandaVision’s nine-episode run begins next week on Disney+, from January 15.