Dril Is Making a Video Game for ‘True and Brave Gamers Only’

Dril Is Making a Video Game for ‘True and Brave Gamers Only’

There are celebrities, and then there are influencers, and then there is Dril. And now, he’s making the “next great gaming classic.”

If you’ve spent too much time on the weird side of Twitter, you’re probably intimately familiar with the heavily pixelated avatar of Jack Nicholson in sunglasses. You and your fellow brain-poisoned Twitter friends have probably ranked your favourite Dril tweets at some point in time. If not, I envy you and in a nutshell, Dril is Twitter’s premier shitposter. See: Exhibit A.

It appears that after writing two books, “The Dril Official Mr. Ten Years Annivesary Collection” and “The Get Rich and Become God Method”, Dril hath turned his creative sights on another medium. “The corona virus pandemic has Fucked us all,” reads his Patreon. “Being locked indoors and/or unemployed for almost a year, however, offered me the opportunity to develop the foundation of a full-fledged 2D action/adventure game which I believe will be pretty good.”

Supposedly, the premise of the game is to follow the “quest of a silent protagonist” who comes across the secret to immortality and then must navigate a “dangerous future where Top Influencers and corrupt Hollywood guys maintain a cruel grip on society.” According to Dril’s Twitter, the game is for “true and brave gamers only.” You can catch a peep of the beta version of the game in this YouTube trailer.

So far the project seems to be a one-man show, and Dril estimates he could likely complete the game “sometime before the mid-2020s.” Right now, Dril is crowdfunding the project via Patreon, and should he reach the $US5,000 ($6,530) goal, he promises to “make the game good.” If he reaches $US10,000 ($13,059), Dril promises to “make the game very good.”

So far, Dril’s raised $US1,937.43 ($2,530). Considering that Dril announced the game on his Twitter a mere four hours ago, that’s pretty impressive.

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