Ron Moore Is Creating a Disney Theme Park Shared Universe for Disney+

Ron Moore Is Creating a Disney Theme Park Shared Universe for Disney+

TV creator Ron Moore must have won the Super Bowl, because he’s going to Disney World. The man behind the rebooted Battlestar Galactica and current For All Mankind is reportedly starting a new endeavour on Disney+ that’ll tell stories based on characters from Disney theme parks.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Moore and a small team have begun developing a show called The Society of Explorers and Adventurers, which takes place in a universe where the characters, lands, and rides from Disney theme parks actually exist. If successful, the plan is to branch out and do more shows all in the same world.

Moore is working closely with Disney Imagineering on the project, the team responsible for designing Disney’s parks and rides. He recently signed an overall deal with the Disney-owned 20th Television, in part because of his love of the company and its parks, and is already developing a show based on Swiss Family Robinson.

“I decided to [work with Disney] mostly because my childhood was built around a lot of things that were Disney. I am a huge fan and aficionado of the Disneyland park in Anaheim to the point where I would go there by myself periodically and ride the rides,” Moore said on a recent the Hollywood Reporter podcast. “The opportunity for me to get to work on a lot of the classic IP that Disney has and things in their library that meant so much to me as a child growing up and that I have shared with my children ultimately was just something I couldn’t pass up.”

In recent years, Disney has been cautious about using its theme parks for inspiration in other mediums. Pirates of the Caribbean was a success and Jungle Cruise is coming up, but projects based on Space Mountain and Jon Favreau’s Night at the Museum-esque take on the parks have been long delayed or cancelled. In fact, Disney has mostly been doing the opposite, adding theme park attractions based on movies (such as Marvel and Star Wars). This, however, makes it sound like Moore is being given the keys to the castle, and the possibilities are endless.