Leaked Samsung Roadmap Reveals New Phones, Tablets, and PCs Coming This Winter

Leaked Samsung Roadmap Reveals New Phones, Tablets, and PCs Coming This Winter

Samsung launched a new line of mid-range Galaxy A-series phones earlier this week, but now a new leaked roadmap may have just revealed what the South Korean tech giant has planned for the rest of the autumn and winter.

Assuming the roadmap, which appeared in a leaked graphic posted by Evan Blass on his Voice page, is legit, we can see that Samsung has a handful of upcoming events and product launches scattered throughout the next two quarters. Looking past the the generic launch event on March 26/27 (which will likely include global info for the new Galaxy A52 and A72), we can see a new PC launch event scheduled for mid-April, the new Tab S7 Lite slated for June, a new budget 5G phone in July, and a Galaxy FE Unpacked event in August.

To me, the two most notable dates on this roadmap are the PC event in April, at which we could see a new Galaxy Book Pro and Galaxy Book Pro 360 convertible with built-in S Pen support and possibly a 5G-capable version of the Galaxy Chromebook 2, and the Galaxy FE event in August.

Here's Samsung alleged product roadmap for spring and summer 2021.  (Screenshot: Samsung via Evan Blass, Other)
Here’s Samsung alleged product roadmap for spring and summer 2021. (Screenshot: Samsung via Evan Blass, Other)

Samsung has been relatively up-front about investing more resources into its computing division, so following two Unpacked events for the S21 and Galaxy A-series lineup earlier this year with a PC-based Unpacked event makes a lot of sense.

When looking at the event slated for late winter, the most important takeaway is that mid-August is typically when Samsung announces a new Galaxy Note device. However, with the leaked roadmap specifically indicating that the event will be for a new Fan Edition device (most likely the S21 FE), it makes recent talk that Samsung might not make a new Galaxy Note for 2021 seem even more likely.

[referenced id=”1680607″ url=”https://gizmodo.com.au/2021/03/samsung-might-have-another-reason-not-to-make-a-new-galaxy-note-this-year/” thumb=”https://gizmodo.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/18/kag8d839txguze5tlfvb-300×169.jpg” title=”Samsung Might Have Another Reason Not to Make a New Galaxy Note This Year” excerpt=”Late last year, rumours started swirling that the expansion of stylus support across Samsung’s Galaxy phones might herald the demise of the Galaxy Note, but now Samsung just revealed another reason it might not make a new version of its iconic big-screen phone in 2021.”]

However, Samsung’s co-CEO Koh Dong-Jim did mention during a recent shareholder’s meeting that Samsung could always move the next Galaxy Note’s launch day back, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Samsung ended up holding back a couple of special devices (like a new Galaxy Fold or possibly a Galaxy Note) for later in the spring.

Scattered between the events listed on the roadmap, Blass said Samsung will also release the Galaxy A82 sometime this winter, which is said to feature 5G and come with some kind of “dual-use” camera module.

Despite the ongoing chip crunch plaguing the tech industry, it seems Samsung still has a steady string of releases planned for 2021 — aside from May, when the company doesn’t appear to have anything major on the calendar. And while this leaked roadmap only mention phones, tablets, and PCs, there’s likely to be a few other unexpected gadgets that will make an appearance before the end of the year as well.