Scientists Cook Hot Dogs in Lava From Iceland’s Erupting Volcano

Scientists Cook Hot Dogs in Lava From Iceland’s Erupting Volcano

Scientists on-site at Iceland’s erupting volcano near the capitol city of Reykjavik cooked up some hot dogs on Sunday. What were these scientists studying with such a wacky experiment? The lava dogs weren’t part of their experiments, sadly enough. The scientists were just hungry.

Video of the cookout was captured by the scientists and published to YouTube by Reuters, though we unfortunately don’t get a review of how the hot dogs taste.

If we had to guess, the taste may have been secondary to the smell of the actual volcano. As one person on the ground told the AFP, it smells quite pungent up there.

“It smells pretty bad. For me what was surprising was the colours of the orange: much, much deeper than what one would expect,” said 21-year-old Ulvar Kari Johannsson.

Iceland’s national broadcaster, RUV, set up a livestream of the volcano, though it doesn’t look like anyone is currently cooking up any exotic meats as best as we can tell.

This is far from the first time that people have cooked hot dogs in lava from an active volcano. In fact, it’s not even the first time this month that it’s happened. Hikers recently filmed themselves cooking hot dogs in Russia.

And plenty of other folks have filmed themselves cooking hot dogs in lava over the past decade, from Guatemala to Hawaii. There’s even a restaurant in Spain’s Canary Islands that will cook your dinner using the heat from a volcano.

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