Doom Patrol Adds the Sisterhood of Dada and Dead Boy Detective Agency to Season 3

Doom Patrol Adds the Sisterhood of Dada and Dead Boy Detective Agency to Season 3

The Doom Patrol is going to have a lot more to patrol once the series returns for its third season. Not only will their greatest group of foes arrive to make their lives miserable, but some (deceased) characters from Neil Gaiman’s Sandman comics will also be stopping by.

Comics fans will know the Brotherhood of Dada, a group of superpowered agents of mayhem (they’re not really evil, per se) who have clearly been renamed the Sisterhood of Dada even though they have the same members, because why the hell not? Here are the official cast and character descriptions:

  • “Micah Joe Parker will play Malcolm… He is a quiet, sensitive, and thoughtful soul who would often rather be invisible than face this unforgiving world.
  • “Wynn Everett will play Shelley Byron, a.k.a. The Fog… Supposedly a deadly terrorist, Shelley is charming, seductive, poetic, and a bit mad.
  • “Miles Mussenden will play Lloyd Jefferson a.k.a. Frenzy… A sculptor of strange life-like masks who is covered with tattoos and scars, the memories and injustices that immortalise his life, he is cryptic and stoic with a capacity for extreme devastation.
  • “Anita Kalathara will play Holly McKenzie, a.k.a. Sleepwalk… A light-hearted ne’er do well, Holly knows where the best parties are. After a wild night of partying, she usually takes a nice long nap in the ice cream truck where she works, and if she is awoken mid-nap, there is hell to pay.
  • “Gina Hiraizumi will play Sachiko, a.k.a. The Quiz… She is an enigmatic germaphobe whose crippling phobias mask awe-inspiring powers.”

While the names of the characters match up with the comics, some of the characters seem to have been either been altered for TV or the press release is just playing coy. The Fog’s power was that he could turn into a cloud that could absorb people, but he could still hear them in his mind. Sleepwalk was super-strong but only when she was sleeping. The Quiz’s power, and my favourite superpower of all time, was “having every superpower you haven’t thought of,” forcing the Doom Patrol to keep naming superpowers in an attempt to stop her. Frenzy is the most changed because the comics version could turn into a human cyclone, which doesn’t match with his TV incarnation even slightly. Malcolm is actually a character from the second Brotherhood of Evil, whose super-name is Mr. !, who “comes as no surprise” despite the fact his torso is a birdcage.

Both Brotherhoods were led by Mr. Nobody, played so memorably by Alan Tudyk in Doom Patrol season one. If he’s coming back to lead the Sisterhood in season three, that would be fantastic.

From left to right: Charles, Crystal, and Edwin. (Image: DC Comics)
From left to right: Charles, Crystal, and Edwin. (Image: DC Comics)

As for the Dead Boy Detective Agency, its members have never appeared in a Doom Patrol comic to my knowledge, but they did appear in Vertigo Comics, which were briefly connected by the 1993 Children’s Crusade crossover event. Plus, they’re made up of a living teen psychic and two dead children, so they fit into the Doom Patrol aesthetic perfectly. Here they are:

“Ty Tennant will play Edwin Payne… Dead since 1916, Edwin spent 80 years in hell due to a ‘clerical error’ and has seen horrors no one could imagine.

“Sebastian Croft will play Charles Rowland… Affable, charming, and dead since 1989, he always does his best to be chipper, but his death by hypothermia and neglect haunts him.

“Madalyn Horcher will play Crystal Palace… A cool, sarcastic teen who is also a psychic medium, her only friends are Charles and Edwin, the two dead boys who freed her from demonic possession.

I have nothing else to say about the Dead Boy Detective Agency.

Doom Patrol’s third season hasn’t started filming yet, but with the addition of five new castmembers (the Sisterhood) and three new guest stars (the Agency), it’s clearly getting closer.