Actress Jes Macallan Talks Ava Sharpe Stepping Up and Missing Sara Lance

Actress Jes Macallan Talks Ava Sharpe Stepping Up and Missing Sara Lance

It’s Jes Macallan’s time in the spotlight! As Legends of Tomorrow enters its sixth season, Sara Lance is on a spaceship far, far away as an alien captive. With the team without a leader, Ava Sharpe is stepping up. Much like her character, Macallan, is taking charge behind the camera with her first directorial experience on the show.

In full conversation with EW, Macallan mentions she hadn’t had much experience, but Warner Bros. helped her get up to speed on learning how to direct. “I went through the Warner Bros. directing program the same year as Caity, and I’ve been chomping at the bit.” Being a television actress for some years, she used that time to shadow various crew members to understand the mechanics of making a show and had the support of WB, CW, and Berlanti productions to direct one of the craziest episodes of the season. “I got the craziest script, even for us, and I’m not just being like a martyr. It’s one of the most bananas episodes, and actually my partner, Nic Bishop, is guest-starring, so it’s cool that he’s in my episode as well.

As for Ava, she’s taking Sara’s absence hard. As a couple, the duo was stronger than ever — then *POOF* Sara is gone. “I feel like it got to a place where Sara and Ava were really — after all the trials and tribulations that come with two strong women trying to create a personal relationship with work and the Time Bureau, and everything — came to this wonderful place of, [Sighs] great, we can just be together, and how wonderful is this?” And then damn it, she goes and gets abducted by aliens.”

For those who watch the show, you know Ava is by the book when enforcing the law. However, I think we’ll see her character shake up the team and show a side of herself fans haven’t seen before.

Season six of Legends of Tomorrow premieres May 3 on Binge in Australia.