4 Budgeting Apps and a Few Tips to Sort Out Your Life

4 Budgeting Apps and a Few Tips to Sort Out Your Life
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If you’re inclined to break from your budget more times than you stick to it, perhaps it’s time to bring in the big guns.

Budgeting can be a tricky task to master, especially if you’re not aware of just how much you’re spending. It’s incredibly easy to just keep tapping your card at four stores in one day without even knowing money’s coming out.

Well, it does come out, and if you want to save for anything, you need a good budget. So, we’ve rounded up a few of the top budgeting apps and have thrown in a tip-or-two for good measure.

You’ll have saved for that stuffed moose head in no time.


What’s immediately eye-catching about Mint is its subscription monitoring feature, ideal for those who have dozens of rogue services taking money out of their account every month.

Mint also offers custom budgets as well as spend tracking, so if you are prone to tapping without thinking, Mint will be the first to tap you on the shoulder and make you look at the money you’re spending.


Despite being designed as an investing app for beginners, Raiz actually doubles perfectly as a budgeting tool.

You can nominate any amount of money to be taken out of your debit account on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, and Raiz will invest that money across numerous companies depending on your selected risk level.

The thing is, you completely forget that Raiz is taking money out, so even if you’re not making a lot of money from the investments, it still acts as a secret piggy bank that you can dip into on a rainy day.


By switching your mobile wallet settings to ensure you’re using eftpos, you can track your spending in real-time so you’re aware of exactly how much you have in your account.

Using eftpos means you’re spending money you actually have, so if your savings are dwindling, you’ll be more inclined to cut down on purchases and save a bit of cash.


If you work better with visuals, Spendee should be your absolute go-to.

Complete with a colourful chart, Spendee shows you exactly where your money is going, breaks it down into categories – entertainment, groceries etc – and tells you how your spending compares to the month prior.

It truly is the perfect app to make you feel guilty about all of your unnecessary spending, and sometimes we all need a shot of guilt to sharpen up.


Usually having ‘brilliant’ in your product’s name would border on obnoxious, but MoneyBrilliant has the goods to back up its claim.

You’ve got future expense prediction, a tax deductions function, bank synchronisation and it also lets you upload your superannuation, loans and investment portfolio.

That’s on top of the regular budgeting features found in most other apps, so it truly is the jack-of-all-trades.

While there is a version that costs $9.99 a month, the free version is still the bees knees.

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