Legends of Tomorrow’s Latest Melted My Heart With Star-Crossed Cuties

Legends of Tomorrow’s Latest Melted My Heart With Star-Crossed Cuties

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow has had its share of wacky shenanigans this season. Talking candlesticks, an intergalactic sing-off, and the alien burger sauce episode that we are not going to talk about. But it’s also been about love, and in “Back to the Finale: Part II,” Sara (Caity Lotz) and Ava (Jes Macallan) took that focus and ran with it.

Legends of Tomorrow’s Latest Melted My Heart With Star-Crossed Cuties

Last night’s episode was the kind of hour-long escapade you’d think would be saved for the midseason finale, because a lot of stuff happened. It finally united everyone after several episodes apart, fittingly putting them in the last place they were all together. Of course, much has changed since season five’s finale, and it’s important to remember all the shit that’s happened to our unlucky bunch of heroes so far this season.

Here’s a small snippet: Gary was an undercover extraterrestrial, Constantine no longer has his powers, newcomer Spooner can talk to aliens, Mick’s out in space trying to rescue his captain (and making out with Gary’s inhuman boss), Nate was a talking cheese wheel at one point…oh, and Sara’s an alien hybrid who can heal herself because that tech bro who made the Avas is trying to take over the galaxy with Sara clones.

It’s that last and definitely wackiest part that made up the bulk of “Back to the Finale: Part II,” as we finally got an answer as to what the hell Bishop’s (Raffi Barsoumian) been up to all this time. He’s spent years searching for a human strong enough to be genetically spliced with aliens, so he could make a massive army where each clone would have its own unique powers.

Wings, telepathy, maybe some cool spit — anything’s possible! Of course, the human he wants is Sara, and of course, all her clones would be under Bishop’s control, just like the Avas were. This is super messed up if you think about it. The whole thing felt like some creepy Ex Machina bullshit, which could explain Bishop’s Oscar Isaac-esque man bun. But don’t worry about him now because he ended up as a computer program and (presumably) got blown up.

Y'all are kinda bad at this. (Photo: The CW)
Y’all are kinda bad at this. (Photo: The CW)

Meanwhile, the Legends are gearing up to break the timeline (again!) so they can stop Sara from having been abducted in the first place. They travel back to Clotho’s punk show and do what they do best, which is nearly fuck up the past so many times that Past Ava figures out who they are and yells at them to return to the future. We also get a momentary Alternate Reality Nate, dressed in Constantine’s trench coat with an eyepatch and a terrible wig, ordering them to not set off a Sara mannequin bomb as a distraction because it’ll lead to aliens taking over Wall Street. It was great, because this show is great.

Both versions of Sara — the pre-abduction one getting drunk at a punk show, and the one who’s now an alien hybrid clone — are dealing with the same worry that they’re not good enough for Ava. The pending nuptials have been a huge part of the plot so far this season since Ava knows Sara plans on proposing but is worried they’ll never get the chance. But now it seems there’s more than distance keeping this proposal from happening.

In the past, Sara’s newest friend Spooner provides some sound advice — meanwhile, in the present, her oldest friend Mick Rory does the same. Sara and Mick’s scene was very touching and showed how far these two have come since the series premiere of Legends of Tomorrow. It was especially fitting because Dominic Purcell is nearing the end of his tenure on the show, as he’s said he’ll no longer be a regular cast member when this season is done. Side note, they couldn’t be coming up with a finer way to send Rory off: Turning his sci-fi erotica into IRL space sex adventures.

Everything gets worked out in true timey-wimey style, as is typical for Legends of Tomorrow…in that nothing really got worked out at all. It turns out that Behrad had inadvertently pulled a Back to the Future in the season five finale, as he was originally responsible for distracting Sara long enough for her to get abducted. If he hadn’t done that, Sara may have never left.

Everything that’s destined to happen has already happened. Heavy. But at least there was something extra special in store: Sara finally gets to do what we’ve been waiting all season for, propose. And it was so sweet, you guys. Soooooooo sweet. Literal fireworks (from that Sara mannequin Behrad forgot about) ignite to celebrate their love. Yay, they’re getting married!

They did the thing! (Photo: The CW)
They did the thing! (Photo: The CW)

It’s unclear what’s in the future for Legends. Bishop has (supposedly) been defeated, but there are a bunch of aliens on the timeline that will still have to be dealt with. And there’s the matter of Sara being part-alien now. But who cares it’s marriage time! Ding-ding!

It’s been a while since we’ve gotten a good DC CW wedding episode (if you ignore that time Oliver and Felicity ruined Barry’s), and I cannot wait to see what kind of bells these time travellers end up ringing. I’m hoping it involves basically everyone from every decade from all-time coming together to celebrate Sara and Ava’s love. Oh, and a T-rex.

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