Netflix’s Blood Red Sky Trailer Seems Like a Generic Aeroplane Thriller… Until Things Get Weird

Netflix’s Blood Red Sky Trailer Seems Like a Generic Aeroplane Thriller… Until Things Get Weird

As my creative writing teacher would say: “Well, you’ve made choices.” After sharing a brief teaser earlier in June, Netflix has released the first full-length trailer for Blood Red Sky, a thriller about hijackers (led by DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’s Dominic Purcell) taking over a plane — only, surprise, one of the passengers is secretly a vampire mum.

Blood Red Sky stars Peri Baumeister (The Last Kingdom) as Nadja, a woman with a rare blood disorder who’s heading to the United States with her 10-year-old son in search of a cure. Unfortunately, a group of terrorists (including Purcell’s character) take over the plane and start threatening the passengers… including Nadja’s son, which results in the hijackers killing Nadja by shooting her in the chest. But guess what, folks, Nadja isn’t dead! That’s because she’s the “last vampire,” and she has to call upon her monstrous powers to stop the terrorists and save her son.

Here’s the synopsis:

Nadja and her ten-year-old son are on an overnight flight from Germany to New York when a group of terrorists violently take control of the plane and threaten the lives of the passengers. But the terrorists have no idea what they’re in for with Nadja on board — she has the power to protect her son and all the other passengers. But she faces an impossible choice — should she reveal her dark side and the inner monster she has kept hidden from her son for years in order to save him? The hunters become the hunted and everyone on the plane finds themselves in a perilous race against time — a fight for survival because there is one thing nobody knows: Nadja is the last vampire.

Blood Red Sky debuts on Netflix on July 23. It’s part of Netflix’s ongoing strategy to release one new movie every week on the streaming platform.

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