Craig of the Creek Season 4 Is Getting Bigger and Upgrading the Team

Craig of the Creek Season 4 Is Getting Bigger and Upgrading the Team

Craig of the Creeks exploration and expansion of its larger world allowed the series to shift gears a bit with its Capture the Flag war that recently ended with the balance of power in the Creek fundamentally changed. We’ve known for some time now that Cartoon Network’s Craig of the Creek would be back for a fourth season, but at virtual San Diego Comic-Con 2021, the show’s creative team finally shared some details about what’s coming.

During the Craig of the Creek panel discussion at SDCC between Philip Solomon (Craig), series co-creator Ben Levin, story editor Jeff Trammel, writer, Ashleigh Hairston (writer), and supervising directors Dashawn Mahone and Najja Porter, the team all talked about how the show evolved in the build-up to season four. By winning Capture the Flag, Craig became the Creek’s newest king and while his status is likely to come with all sorts of new privileges and responsibilities, Trammel explained that the most immediate changes will be an expansion to the show’s core team of characters, and a return to the other side of the Creek. “Craig, Kelsey, and JP are going to embark on this new quest with some help from the former-Green Poncho, Omar,” Trammel said. “We’re going to see them explore what lies beyond the overpass as well as meet new friends and go on an even bigger adventure than what we’ve seen thus far.”

While this won’t be the first time that Craig, Kelsey, JP, and Omar have spent time on the other side of the Creek, the overall unification is likely going to make it possible for them to discover new things about the once-uncharted place that only pushes them to grow more. There’s a solid chance that season four’s expansion may also factor into how Jessica’s Big Little World–a spinoff series about Craig’s younger sister — comes into form, but we’ll have to wait and see before this all becomes clear.

Craig of the Creek’s fourth season begins airing on Cartoon Network sometime later this year.

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