Read the Unhinged Complaints to the FCC Over SNL Being Mean to Trump and White People

Read the Unhinged Complaints to the FCC Over SNL Being Mean to Trump and White People

White Americans didn’t pay their hard-earned tax dollars over the past four years so that public servant Michael Che can get away with calling the U.S. president a ding-dong. Thankfully, many patriots have told the FCC all about it.

As 360 pages of complaints to the U.S. Federal Communication Commission obtained by FOIA requests show, a legion of Saturday Night Live viewers called on U.S. federal regulators to step in and censor the Trump insults. Many believe that the late-night comedy program should not call Trump a “bitch,” “cracker,” an anti-Semite, nor a white supremacist. They should not expect to insinuate that the former president possesses a penis of below-average size, nor reference his mouth as Vladimir Putin’s “cock holster” UNLESS IT AND SPECIFICALLY MICHAEL CHE PLAN TO FACE A FEDERAL ARSE-WHOOPING. If that’s not on the table, then maybe a lawsuit. Or death.

The forcefully punctuated complaints, first spotted by Motherboard and obtained by governmentattic, can be read in full here.

Before we proceed to the charges, the facts before the jury of television subscribers are these: Saturday Night Live is not taxpayer-funded; NBC is not CNN (a point of confusion); “Weekend Update” is not a real news program; the FCC isn’t affected by consumer boycotts; and even in states with capital punishment, SNL is protected to the right to a free and fair trial.

Nevada might have an argument for SNL taking the Lord’s name in vain, however. The FCC only prohibits “profane” language between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m., but the FCC told Gizmodo that this applies to the time of the local broadcast, which puts SNL in the danger zone on the West Coast.

Still, even SNL’s most forceful commentary could be fine, anyway, because the FCC does allow First Amendment-protected expression of views even if those views “may be highly offensive.” So if, for example, Michael Che referred to a white supremacist who separated refugee children from their families and housed them in cages as a “cracker”…what’s the old chestnut…well, television viewers are offended anyway:

A host of Saturday Night Live referred to the President of the United States as a “bitch” and a “cracker” on live television. That type of language has no place on public cable TV, especially on a program that so many families enjoy.

Michael Che, a black man, employed by NBC as an on air personality called the President of the United States a cheap “cracker” and a “bitch” during the Weekend Update segment of the Saturday Night Live show. I want their broadcast licence suspended and heavy fines to be placed on them for their blatant racism and indecency.

SNL’s derogatory “Cracker” and “Bitch” comments about President Trump are atrocious and I will no longer be watching SNL at all – nor my children – now or ever.

On the 9/30/17 broadcast of Saturday Night Live, during the news report segment, the person reading the news used a racial slur “cracker” in regards to President Trump. This is wholly inappropriate and I would appreciate a response wherein you detail exactly what will be done re punishment to the person that said it and the production company that aired it.

At least one person who feels that Dave Chappelle’s use of relevant language to articulate historical inequality is a “HATE Crime”:

The Saturday Night Live TV show airing on the NBC network November 8, 2020 is extremely Racist and Offensive. Dave Chappelle Monologue is a HATE Crime!.

And others were upset that they’re supposed to apologise if they use the n-word. Apologies on their behalf:

On Nov 13th 2016 Saturday Night Live aired a part called “ Walking Dead Dave Chappelle’s Show SNL. In this segment the word [N-word] and God Damn was said. I know that SNL is after hours, but I am offended that 1. God’s name was used in vain and 2. That a black person can go say [N-word] and not be criticised, but if a white person says it they are held responsible or made to apologise. I detest this kind of behaviour from both black and whites.

Dave Chappell [sic] said the word [N-word] multiple times during his monologue. He was also smoking. Why is he allowed to speak such filth when a white persona would be crucified for the same words and actions? If we r saying the word is evil, it should be evil for all and not just white folks. Smoking should be banned on all network tv

A stand against anti-Semitism in a joke about anti-Semitism:

In one skit, Alec Baldwin, playing President Trump, says “When the Jews are away, the goys will play.” That is highly anti-Semitic and should not have been allowed on broadcast television.

One possible sentence: execute Saturday Night Live:

Do what needs to be done: SNL is a limping, wounded dog that needs to be taken out behind the barn and shot. Lorne Michaels has enough money, he doesn’t need more. It’s time that he be taught that the American public won’t stand for his goal of further dividing the nation.

Or can the FCC at least get the Secret Service in on this?

I think the Secret Service should visit the show’s writers to verify these offensive scripts and evaluate if the writers are promoting harm to the President. It is past time for this crap to stop. I will no longer watch or purchase any show or product associated with Comcast and their affiliates.

For four years, the people have been subjected to the awesome power of Saturday Night Live writers dividing the nation with their obscene bullying rhetoric. One complaint, titled “SNL is disgusting!”, speaks for the disenfranchised TV-watching victims of treason who’ve been taking this First Amendment bullshit for too long:

For a public broadcasting company to slander the acting president is the same as slandering the people! It is actually high treason (18 US Code 2381) and I am horribly offend by their acts. They are in act of breaking several constitutional laws set forth in the beginning and the comments made by the actors and the show is completely appalling! They must be stopped now and blocked from public T.V. (which is paid and supported with public funds) and is abuse of such programs. What an absolute disgrace to this country and the people of the United States of America.

Very informative, thank you, everybody, for letting us know what’s over the line around here.

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