Audi Is Bringing The EV Heat With Three-Motor 496 HP E-tron S

Audi Is Bringing The EV Heat With Three-Motor 496 HP E-tron S

Audi has expanded its e-tron performance lineup with the addition of two new S models. If you aren’t happy with the Porsche Taycan-derived swoopy sedan shape of the e-tron GT, you can now get snappy S performance in the CUV-shaped e-tron and e-tron SportBack. That’s not confusing at all.

The performance of the e-tron S models comes directly in relation to a new tri-motor set up. There are two motors on the rear and one on the front axle which deliver a combined 429 horsepower and 270 kg-ft of torque. An eight-second power boost feature is able to up that output to 496 hp and 326 kg-ft of torque. With the boost activated, Audi estimates a 4.3 second 0 to 60 time.

The three motors do more than just pump up the power, though.

When called upon, the front motor provides power, aids traction, and benefits the driver with brake-based torque vectoring that can activate within milliseconds of the e-tron S sensing wheel slip. This provides the confidence in both performance driving and driving in inclement conditions.

Audi Is Bringing The EV Heat With Three-Motor 496 HP E-tron S
It essentially becomes a wagon in S trim. (Image: Audi)

You’ll be able to tell the e-tron S models apart from the ‘regular’ models with a few S-specific visual enhancements. The S models are two inches wider, to start, and have correspondingly wider front and rear bumpers. The wheels come standard as 20-inchers, with the option of 21” or 22” inch wheels. Brakes are upgraded to six-piston callipers, and orange is apparently a thing with Audi S, as these callipers are painted in a lovely shade of Dynamic Orange.

It’s time to talk numbers though. The e-tron S starts at $US84,800 ($117,211) for the Premium Plus or $US89,800 ($124,122) for the Prestige. That’s up about ten grand over the non-S e-tron models. The e-tron S Sportback starts at $US87,400 ($120,804) and $US92,400 ($127,715) for the same trims. Those prices don’t include the $US1,095 ($1,514) destination charge, or the $US7,500 ($10,367) federal tax credit. The range isn’t much to write home about either. With a 95 kWh battery and the standard wheels and tires, you get just 335 km of range for the e-tron S and 341 km for the e-tron Sportback S. Down from 222 in the standard e-tron.

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