Jabra Overhauls Elite Earbud Lineup With Options for Everyone

Jabra Overhauls Elite Earbud Lineup With Options for Everyone

In the past, Jabra has made some of our favourite noise-cancelling wireless earbuds on the market, but the competition is getting fierce, with rivals now offering more premium features or lower prices. So Jabra is expanding its lineup with three new Elite options, and it looks like there’s something for everyone. Let’s dive in.

The $US199 ($273) Elite 7 Pro is for those who prioritise battery life over everything. Jabra says the 7 Pro can last nine hours with its fully adjustable active noise cancellation activated, and a total of 35 hours in the charging case. That is, frankly, bananas. Apple’s AirPods Pro, by comparison, last half that long when worn. A five-minute charge gives you 1.2 hours of battery life, which is useful when you completely forget to plug them in before a workout.

Jabra also says the 7 Pro are 16% smaller than the Elite 68 T, which are probably the most comfortable earbuds I’ve ever worn. The Elite 68 T (and Elite 59 T) are being phased out this year, leaving the pricier Elite 77 T left in the lineup, but the 77 T don’t fit as well as the 68 T so I’m curious to try out the 7 Pro to compare.

Jabra is also using a combination of sensors to improve call quality. Each earbud has two microphones and a voice pick-up sensor; when the mics pick up environmental noise like wind, Jabra’s algorithms kick in to activate the VPU. The earbuds also have a bone conduction sensor, which Jabra says “transmit voice via jawbone vibrations.” I have to admit I’m intrigued. The 7 Pro also has built-in Alexa integration, and supports both Google Assistant on Android and Siri for iPhones.

From left to right: the $US199 ($273) Elite 7 Pro, $US179 ($245) Elite 7 Active, and the $US79 ($108) Elite 3. (Photo: Jabra)
From left to right: the $US199 ($273) Elite 7 Pro, $US179 ($245) Elite 7 Active, and the $US79 ($108) Elite 3. (Photo: Jabra)

Jabra phasing out its Elite 68 T and 59 T lines means the company has a fitness-focused earbud-sized hole to fill. Enter: the $US179 ($245) Elite 7 Active. The Active model lacks the multi-sensor call features in the 7 Pro, but has a special coating that Jabra calls “ShakeGrip.” Hopefully that means the 7 Active won’t fall out of your ears when working out — the company usually hits home runs when it comes to sport earbuds, so I’d expect the same to be true of these ones.

Then there’s what could be a sleeper hit, the $US79 ($108) Elite 3. The cheaper earbuds offer 6mm speakers, four microphones, and seven hours of battery life (28 total when stored in the charging case). They lack active noise cancellation, which would’ve made them a killer option now that we’re starting to see $US99 ($136) ANC earbuds on the market, but do offer noise isolation with Jabra’s standard ambient mode, called HearThrough. They also come in stylish new shades, including lilac and navy. If they’re as comfortable to wear as Jabra’s other models, the Elite 3 might be the budget Bluetooth earbuds to buy.

Jabra's new $US79 ($108) Elite 3 earbuds don't offer ANC, but they're still compelling for the price. (Photo: Jabra)
Jabra’s new $US79 ($108) Elite 3 earbuds don’t offer ANC, but they’re still compelling for the price. (Photo: Jabra)

The names make little sense — why is the Elite 77 T’s successor named Elite 7 Pro? — but regardless, the prices and features across the new lineup are interesting and Jabra has a solid track record when it comes to earbud fit and audio quality.

The Elite 3 goes on sale September 1, while the Elite 7 Pro and 7 Active will be available to buy October 1.

Editor’s Note: Stay tuned for local Australian pricing and availability.

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