Star Trek: Prodigy Beams Up Some Bad Guys

Star Trek: Prodigy Beams Up Some Bad Guys

Star Trek’s big new break into kid-focused animation with Prodigy has already given us a motley crew of alien teens, a Starfleet legend to guide them, and even a glimpse of their slick new ship. But now we know what they’re going to be up against, and it’s already sounding very good.

Deadline has confirmed that two major antagonists in the series will be voiced by Lord of the Rings, Legends of Tomorrow, Fringe, and about a billion other beloved shows and films’ John Noble, and Black Mirror, Westworld, and House of Cards’ Jimmi Simpson.

Noble will voice a character known as “The Diviner,” described as a “ruthless tyrant” who runs the asteroid Tars Lamora with an iron fist. On the hunt for the mysterious U.S.S. Protostar that our kid heroes uncover for themselves for his own agenda, the Diviner actually has a connection to one of the protagonists in particular — the young Vau N’Kat Gwyn, voiced by Army of the Dead’s Ella Purnell. With his body failing, apparently the Diviner created Gwyn to follow in his footsteps to pursue the Protostar, so that she ends up part of its ragtag crew is very interesting indeed.

Meanwhile, Simpson will voice Drednok, a spider-like robotic guard and the Diviner’s right hand. Intriguingly, despite being the Diviner’s top agent, Drednok is described as “a friend to no one,” and is actually responsible for keeping the Diviner on track in his pursuit of the Protostar.

That makes it sound like there’s perhaps going to be mysterious figures above even these two, and whatever they have planned for an experimental Starfleet vessel is probably not going to be good news. Good job our plucky young kids have got the Federation’s finest Delta Quadrant representative on hand in holographic form to help them fight back, right?

Star Trek: Prodigy begins on Paramount+ later this year. No doubt we’ll learn more in the upcoming Star Trek Day celebrations on September 9.

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