Star Trek: Prodigy Reveals a First Look at Captain Janeway’s Surprising Return

Star Trek: Prodigy Reveals a First Look at Captain Janeway’s Surprising Return

Grab a pot of coffee and raise a cup in celebration: Kathryn Janeway is back, and she’s here to teach a whole new generation of heroes how to lead.

Just revealed by Kate Mulgrew herself as part of CBS and Paramount’s “First Contact DayStar Trek celebration, we now have our first look as to how Captain Janeway will appear in the CG animated style of the upcoming, kids-focused series Star Trek: Prodigy. The most interesting news from the panel is that Mulgrew will reprise her role as Janeway in a slightly unorthodox manner. She won’t be a captain to the alien crew of Prodigy, but an educator, appearing as the Emergency Training Hologram of the show’s primary ship.

[referenced id=”1675009″ url=”” thumb=”×169.png” title=”Say Hello to Star Trek: Prodigy’s All-New, All Alien Kid Heroes” excerpt=”Star Trek: Prodigy is treading into intriguing new waters as the first Star Trek show explicitly being focused for young audiences, and with a cast of young heroes to be a lens into its world, to boot. But now, we know these heroes are doing something even more interesting beyond…”]

The show has now been confirmed to be set in 2383, five years after the USS Voyager returned to Earth following an impromptu seven-year tour of service in the Delta Quadrant. The animated kids series was originally set to come to Nickelodeon, but will now debut on Paramount+. Here are a few more shots of our dear Janeway.

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It’s a role akin to the one jokingly explored by Voyager’s own holographic doctor, the ship’s Emergency Medical Hologram, when he desired to have command programming subroutines added to his coding in “Tinker Tenor Doctor Spy” in Voyager’s sixth season. There’s no one better than Janeway to teach these young kids how to run a Starfleet vessel, given that it was also revealed that Prodigy will indeed take place in the Delta Quadrant as well.

How another Starfleet ship managed to get lost there for some kids to find remains to be seen, but at least Janeway’s experience there will inspire a new era of heroes to boldly go and…I dunno, probably avoid the Kazon again.

Star Trek: Prodigy will debut later this year. Stay tuned for where it’ll end up in Australia.