You Can Now Strap A 140” TV To Your Face, If That’s Your Thing

You Can Now Strap A 140” TV To Your Face, If That’s Your Thing

Less than two months after they were showcased at MWC, Australia is now the first place in the world to be able to buy TCL’s brand new smart glasses.

Like other smart glasses, TCL NXTWEAR G Smart Glasses have a stupid name. Unlike other smart glasses, they’re not trying to change the way you see the world, give you extra information about what you’re looking at, or potentially violate the privacy of everyone you come into contact with using a discrete video camera. The NXTWEAR G just want to make your content more immersive by giving you a big, portable screen you can put over your eyes.

TCL describes the glasses as emulating a “140-inch screen right before your eyes”, using Sony FHD Micro OLED panels. Though, the press release still claims to be able to show 3D 4K content.

What’s special about these glasses is that they don’t need to be charged. You just plug them into whatever device you’re looking to watch with the provided USB-C cable. That means you’re going to have significant trouble using them to watch anything from an Xbox Series X or PS5, but you can plug them into a laptop, tablet or Android phone.

TCL NXTWEAR G smart glasses in action
It’s called self care

Because the NXTWEAR G Smart Glasses just look like regular sunglasses, and not some all-encompassing VR beast, they don’t fully block out the rest of the world, potentially making them more comfortable for longer-term wear. They’ll probably be great once long-haul flights become a thing again and in the meantime, they’ll be a decent way to escape lockdown by pretending you’re literally anywhere else.

TCL NXTWEAR G smart glasses on a plane
So natural. Living the dream.

They have a wide field of view, and can simulate multiple screens that you can look at by turning your head, which sounds neat in theory.

By the looks of them (I haven’t had hands on with them yet) they won’t fit over regular glasses too easily, but you can get prescription lenses to pop in if you love them enough.

The TCL NXTWEAR G Smart Glasses are available now from Harvey Norman for $899, and come with an included 6 months of Optus Sport.

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