The Mercedes EQS Is Probably Going To Start At Well Over $100,000

The Mercedes EQS Is Probably Going To Start At Well Over $100,000

The Mercedes S-Class currently starts at $US109,800 ($149,460) in the U.S., and, when Mercedes announced the all-electric version of that car — the EQS — most people assumed it would cost six-figures as well. On Tuesday, Mercedes announced EQS prices for Europe, and it seems most people were right.

The EQS is available for order there starting today; Mercedes says in the U.S. you’ll be able to order the EQS by the end of this year. In Europe, Mercedes says the EQS starts at €106,374, or a little under $US125,000 ($170,150) at current exchange rates. Mercedes did not announce U.S. pricing, but you can bet that it won’t be a whole lot different.

The range on the EQS is up to 478 miles using the WLTP standard, but it’ll probably be less when the EPA tests, somewhere in the 300s. There are two variants, and €106,374 is for the rear-wheel drive, single motor one, while a dual-motor all-wheel-drive EQS will start at €135,529.10, or almost $US160,000 ($217,792).

This car was never going to be cheap, but the EQS is aimed at those who might otherwise go for a Model S Plaid, which starts at $US129,990 ($176,942). And the starting prices, of course, don’t even factor in options, which could pile on tens of thousands of dollars more. If you’re looking for something to be mad about, I give you:

The EQS is the first Mercedes-Benz to offer the option of activating completely new vehicle functions via over-the-air updates (OTA) in many areas. The launch offer:

  • The customisation package with the additional sound experience “Roaring Pulse” and several mini-games (Tetris, Sudoku, Pairs, Shuffle Puck). The package also includes additional DIGITAL LIGHT animations for opening and closing (12 months’ use included in the purchase price, after which it can be extended via Mercedes me for 89 euros1).
  • The two special driving modes ‘beginner driver mode’ and ‘valet service mode’ (package price: 50 euros1).
  • The ‘highlight mode’: The vehicle introduces itself and its equipment highlights, activated by the “Hey Mercedes” voice assistant[4]

The range of OTA functions is being successively expanded. This means that following the purchase and initial new-car configuration, some of the features of the EQS can be adapted according to personal preferences. This also includes enabling the rear axle steering with a ten-degree steering angle. In addition to the conventional purchasing of individual functions, customers can also take out subscriptions. Temporary activations and free trial periods are also planned.

As we mentioned earlier, at lease the steering won’t be locked in the U.S. But all these subscriptions only serve to make Mercedes look cheap, and I would suggest that Tesla mock them for it if Tesla hadn’t started the trend itself.

Besides that, I got no beef with the EQS; the car is pretty as hell and I’m sure Mercedes spared no expense in trying to make it better than the S-Class, usually considered at any given moment to be the best car in the world. Because that’s what you’re paying for, too.

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