There Apparently Is Going To Be A New Lamborghini Countach

There Apparently Is Going To Be A New Lamborghini Countach

I’m still not quite sure that this isn’t some kind of marketing stunt, and I’m being had, but, according to Lamborghini’s Instagram, it is making a new Countach, a car which stopped production over three decades ago.

Here is Lamborghini’s complete caption, which I will reproduce here so I can’t be accused of gullibility when this all turns out to be a sham:

Countach was born from a dream. A dream to push the limits of speed, to envision a new type of design, and to create a Super Sports Car like no other. And now, 50 years later, the new Lamborghini Countach is coming.

Stay tuned!

There is also this hype video:

That is about all we know about it, though it has been a bit of a Countach year with the 50th anniversary, and a bunch of Countachs are set to be displayed at Pebble Beach next week.

Rather than blindly speculate on what this will be — a one-off? the successor to the Aventador? something else entirely? nothing at all? a hybrid supercar that may be at Pebble Beach as well? remember the Sián? whatever happened with that? — let us instead ruminate on the original Countach, which is probably the most supercar, given how absurd it remains, and how iconic.

I have theories about Countachs, which are that Top Gear so thoroughly destroyed the idea that there is anything good about them long ago, and that I’m not too sure the Kids know what they are, anyway, given that they are very much objects of desire for young Baby Boomers and Generation X and not Millennials or anyone younger. The first car I can remember desiring, for example, is not a Countach but a Lamborghini Diablo, its successor.

Since then, Lamborghini has done Murciélago and Aventador, but never a re-creation of an old name like Countach. If this is what that is, it will make me a bit sad, like going to see Bob Dylan, but now. Anyway, since Countach is back in the news, it’s finally time for you to learn how to pronounce it. It’s easier than you think.

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