Updates From Obi-Wan Kenobi, Animated Transformers, and More

Updates From Obi-Wan Kenobi, Animated Transformers, and More

Mission: Impossible 7 shows off its cast while James Wan’s Malignant gets a new look. Titans’ Jason Todd fills us in on how that whole Red Hood thing is gonna go over. Plus updates from Star Trek: Lower Decks, Fena: Pirate Princess, and more. Spoilers right this way…

Updates From Obi-Wan Kenobi, Animated Transformers, and More

Super Mario Bros.

Appearing as a guest on comedian Bert Kreischer’s podcast (via Nintendo Wire), Italian actor Sebastian Maniscalco revealed he’s been cast as Foreman Spike in the upcoming Super Mario Bros. movie.

I’m in the movie Super Mario Bros. — an animated movie — playing Spike. Their boss? So I’m gonna do that at 12:00.


Meanwhile, Hugh Jackman appeared on Jake’s Takes to once again deny he’ll ever return as Wolverine in the MCU.

Transformers: The Animated Movie

A recent Tweet from Bobby Rubio (via Transformers Live-Action Movie Blog) confirms Paramount still has plans for an animated Transformers movie from director Josh Cooley.

The Munsters

Rob Zombie also hyped the newly-paved street outside Mockingbird Lane on Instagram.

Mockingbird Lane now has a paved street! Things are moving and grooving. #robzombie #themunsters

Mission: Impossible 7

Elsewhere, Christopher McQuarrie shared a new Mission: Impossible 7 cast photo with the film’s First A.D., Mary Boulding.


Prisoners of the Ghostland

Expect the full trailer for Sion Sono’s Prisoners of the Ghostland sometime later today.


Warner Bros. has a new TV spot for James Wan’s Malignant showing off some Argento-inspired camera trickery.

Shining Vale

Deadline reports Judith Light has joined the cast of Shining Vale as Joan, “Pat’s (Courtney Cox) Lithium-infused mother, who long has battled mental illness — and her daughter, who she blames for her mental illness. Joan is vain and hyper-critical, taking any opportunity to recall her prized youth or belittle Pat. Of all the horrors that Pat faces, becoming Joan is the most frightening — and most real.”


Curran Walters spoke to TV Line about Jason Todd’s new career as Red Hood in the third season of Titans.

Red Hood, man…. Where do I start? Jason’s mission this season is to get rid of this fear that he has, and the only way that he feels he can conquer this fear is by, in a way, hitting back as a Titan but with a different outcome — if that makes sense. Throughout this season, there’s a lot of finding who he is as a character.

It’s obviously not something you want as a superhero family. The other Titans try to figure out what to do with Red Hood the whole season, and that’s a great dynamic of the show — exploring the relationships these characters have with Jason and now the ‘new’ Jason.


In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, James Gunn stated Peacemaker was his top choice for a spinoff series because — unlike the rest of the cast — the character “is a douche and he stays a douche and he’s an arsehole in the movie.”

Well, I think that it’s a number of things. In the movie… Harley gets a really complete story about herself, she gets a complete arc. Bloodsport gets a complete story. Rick Flag gets a complete story. Ratcatcher 2 gets a complete story. They all learn something about themselves — sometimes good things, sometimes bad things — but Peacemaker is a douche and he stays a douche and he’s an arsehole in the movie.

Obi-Wan Kenobi

Meanwhile, actress Indira Varma described the upcoming Obi-Wan Kenobi series as “an octopus that needs wrangling,” however, “there are no fraying tempers” on set.

It’s such a beast, like an octopus that needs wrangling but I’m having a brilliant time. Obviously, I can’t say anything about any of it but director Deborah Chow and Ewan on the acting side have somehow made it feel like an independent movie. Everyone has input, there are no fraying tempers.

[Metro News]

Star Trek: Lower Decks

Lower Decks does “Lonely Among Us” in the synopsis for “Strange Energies,” the season premiere of Star Trek: Lower Decks.

Season premiere. Approximately three months after the events of the season one finale, the U.S.S. Cerritos is dispatched on a mission which results in an encounter with “strange energy.”

Written By: Mike McMahan

Directed By: Jason Zurek

[Spoiler TV]

American Horror Story: Double Feature

Spoiler TV also has synopses for the first two episodes of American Horror Story: Double Feature.

Cape Fear

1001 8/25/2021 10 p.m. ET/PT

A struggling writer, his pregnant wife, and their daughter move to an isolated beach town for the winter. Once they’re settled in, the town’s true residents begin to make themselves known. Written by Ryan Murphy & Brad Falchuk; directed by John J. Grey.


1002 8/25/2021 11 p.m. ET/PT

A quick fix for Harry’s writer’s block has unexpected side effects. Two eccentric locals offer Harry a helping hand. Written by Brad Falchuk & Ryan Murphy; directed by Loni Peristere.


Eclipso wants the new Green Lantern dead in the trailer for next week’s episode of Stargirl.

Superman & Lois

Superman must rescue Jordan in the trailer for next week’s season finale, “Last Sons of Krypton.”

Motherland: Fort Salem

Faith in General Alder continues to wane in the trailer for next week’s episode of Motherland: Fort Salem.

Robot Chicken

Robot Chicken returns for an eleventh season on September 6 at midnight on Adult Swim.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean

Netflix has also released a new trailer for the latest season of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

Fena: Pirate Princess

Finally, Adult Swim has a four-minute clip from the August 14 premiere of Fena: Pirate Princess.

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