Batman’s Toilet Has Been Compromised

Batman’s Toilet Has Been Compromised

Batman’s known to be a master planner, prepared for every contingency. But sometimes, someone manages to outsmart the Dark Knight — for example, someone who has the knowledge to find Batman’s secret safehouse scattered through Gotham City, and the ability to steal the tech inside despite what must be some extremely formidable defences. That’s the dilemma Batman faces in the newest issue of the Batman: Wayne Family Adventures webtoon. Also, someone takes a dump.

I won’t spoil who’s breaking into these safehouses, nor will I spoil the identity of the person using the Caped Crusader’s commode. I will, however, say the webcomic (issue #4, “Alert”) ends with an annoyed Batman picking up his gadgets off the floor like a dad picking up the toys his five-year-old has scattered around the living room, because it’s a perfect example of why Wayne Family Adventures is so much fun. Safehouses aside, the webtoon isn’t focusing on crimefighting, just silly vignettes about an extended family when they’re not wearing Spandex and punching bad guys. I still can’t get over “The Last Cookie,” in which Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Cassandra Cain, Duke Thomas, and Damian Wayne battled for one of Alfred’s cookies.

Since debuting on September 8, Wayne Family Adventures has racked up more 500,000 subscribers, which as Comic Book Resources notes is a number far surpassing the total number of Batman comics sold in comic shops this past July. However, that number does not include sales in mainstream locations like bookstores, or digital sales of these comics — nor does it take into account that the webtoon is, like all the other comics on its platform, free to read, while the other Batman comics very much are not.

Still, 500,000+ readers in 10 days is no mean feat, and a testament to how enjoyable writer CRC Payne and artist Rhett Bloom’s (a.k.a. StarBite) take on the Wayne family has already been. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you can read Batman: Wayne Family Adventures here — and discover the shocking identity of the person who made unauthorised use of Batman’s toilet.

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