Elon Musk Sent Another Email

Elon Musk Sent Another Email

It’s that time of the year, or more specifically, that time of the quarter, again. I’m talking, of course, about the time when Elon Musk sends an email to Tesla workers asking them to work.

This is an Elon tradition, something you could set a clock too, he does it near the end of every quarter as Tesla strives to make its (self-imposed) production goals. This quarter’s email isn’t a classic of the genre, per Reuters, but it does hit all the right notes. You know: The world is against us but we can make history, etc.

Tesla Inc (TSLA.O) Chief Executive Elon Musk has asked employees to “go super hardcore” to make up for production challenges early in the third quarter and “ensure a decent Q3 delivery number,” according to an internal email seen by Reuters.

“The end of quarter delivery wave is unusually high this time, as we suffered (like the whole industry) from extremely severe parts shortages earlier this quarter,” he said in the email sent on Wednesday.

He said Tesla built “a lot of cars with missing parts that needed to be added later.”

“This is the biggest wave in Tesla history,” he said, referring to its end of quarter delivery push.

Elon’s energy is very much that of someone who enjoys sending emails to all of his employees, which is just to say that his real skills aren’t doing anything in particular or making any kind of product or even dreaming up big ideas, but talking and hyping. I don’t even think Elon sends these emails because he believes that they will be effective in inspiring his employees to work harder; I think he sends them because he knows they will get leaked to the press, and, when they do, people might read it and think that Elon is really in the trenches here: Elon against the world. Just the kind of hyper confidence and idiocy that is the surest way to get ahead in this country.

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