$165,792 Aston Martin DB5 for Kids Packs All of James Bond’s Awesome Gadgets

$165,792 Aston Martin DB5 for Kids Packs All of James Bond’s Awesome Gadgets

For most kids who are excited to drive one day, an electric Power Wheels vehicle is the ultimate toy, letting them cruise the neighbourhood like a tiny adult. Unless that kid is part of the 1%. For them, The Little Car Company has created a painstakingly accurate miniature Aston Martin DB5 upgraded with all of James Bond’s best gadgets.

Referring to The Little Car Company’s creations as toys isn’t entirely accurate. Its new Aston Martin DB5 Junior No Time To Die Edition vehicle is a 66% scale, incredibly accurate recreation of the real thing. So much so that each one actually includes admission to the Aston Martin Owners Club.

The tiny car is still large enough for an adult to climb behind the wheel, or ride shotgun with a kid, while its all-electric power train can power it to speeds of over 72 km per hour. It’s not street legal, but if you’ve got somewhere in the neighbourhood of $US123,000 ($169,937) to spend on a ‘toy’ car, you’ve probably also got an entire estate somewhere with more than enough space to cruise around in it.

This isn’t the first Aston Martin DB5 that The Little Car Company has created, but with the latest Bond flick finally hitting theatres in the coming months, it is the first the company has upgraded with all of Q’s special gadgets. LCD screens on the front and back can be used to flip the licence plate, or even display a custom message, while a hidden gadget panel can be opened to also activate a smoke screen emitted from the exhaust pipe that can pump out smoke for a full hour before the tank needs to be refilled.

$165,792 Aston Martin DB5 for Kids Packs All of James Bond’s Awesome Gadgets

Without a doubt, the coolest upgrade on this tiny DB5 is the headlights that retract at the push of a button to reveal a pair of extending Gatling guns. Both barrels actually spin with flashing lights and sounds to simulate the effect of real gunfire, but mercifully there are no actual bullets fired. Apparently live ammunition and functional ejector seats are where The Little Car Company draws the line when it comes to how accurate a replica it’s willing to make.

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