5 Of The Best SIM-Only Plans For Your New iPhone (Or Pixel)

5 Of The Best SIM-Only Plans For Your New iPhone (Or Pixel)
Contributor: Alex Choros

It’s that time of year. Phone season. The new iPhone is here, the Fold 3 is still factory fresh, and the Pixel 6 is right around the corner. If you’ve picked up your new iPhone – or any of these other new fangled phones – outright, you should also consider getting a new phone plan to go with it. Here are five we think you should consider.


Circles.Life recently refreshed its entire range of plans, and it’s got a great entry-level deal for those that don’t need too much data. $10 per month gets you 5GB, which could be a perfect plan if you’re working from home and always on Wi-Fi or for kids or older relatives. Most plans around this price bracket only get you a gig or two, so getting 5GB for the same kind of money is a steal.

Circles is powered by the Optus 4G network.


On the other end of the data spectrum, Optus has a massive 500GB plan. You’ll pay $65 per month for your first year, and $115 per month thereafter. The plan is however contract-free, so you can always leave after your discount period expires. This offer runs until November 2.

Moose Mobile

Moose Mobile is a Canadian-themed Brisbane-based provider powered by the Optus network that should definitely be on your radar. $24.80 per month gets you a 50GB allowance for your first year with Moose. This plan will however revert to a 35GB plan for $29.90 per month thereafter, but is contract-free.


Kogan has one of the best bang-for-buck SIM-only plans going around right now. You’ll pay just $25 per month for 45GB, and you’ll get your first month for $4.90. There is a catch however: while every other plan in this list is contract-free, Kogan will lock you into a year-long contract.

Kogan is powered by the Vodafone 4G network.


If you love a deep discount, iiNet is offering new customers 50% off all its mobile plans. The standout is its $29.99 per month plan, which gets you 40GB. That’s a solid offer in general, but you’ll pay just $15 per month for your first six months. That’s hard to beat. Better yet, if you’re an iINet internet customer, you’ll get a bonus 80GB of data on this plan, taking you to 120GB all up.

iiNet’s mobile plans are powered by the Vodafone 4G network.

Alex Choros is Managing Editor at WhistleOut, Australia’s phone and internet comparison website.

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