On Pornhub, Maths Teacher Makes His Mark Teaching Calculus

On Pornhub, Maths Teacher Makes His Mark Teaching Calculus
Contributor: Brian Ashcraft

When you think of Pornhub, you probably think of pornography, right? For good reason, the site is wall-to-wall porn. But one maths teacher named Changshu noticed something was missing: maths.

“Since very few people teach maths on adult video platforms, and since there are so many people who watch videos on them, I thought that if I uploaded my videos there, a lot of people would see them,” Changshu told Mel Magazine (via Gigazine). He has tried taking his lessons to other adult platforms like XVideos, but those sites apparently don’t allow non-adult clips. Pornhub is much more welcoming.

Under the handle changhsumath666, the 34-year-old maths teacher began uploading his lessons to Pornhub. His verified account has netted over 1.7 million views and features the slogan, “Play Hard, Study Hard!”

Each video is surrounded with ads of things like “Live Sex,” but in Changshu’s videos, the only explicit things are numbers. He appears in clip after clip in his grey hoodie and glasses, carefully explaining things like the differential methods in his native Mandarin.

“People may not be interested in my videos, but they’ll all know there’s a teacher who teaches calculus on an adult video platform,” he added. By his estimation, well over half of his viewers come for the novelty of seeing hard maths taught on Pornhub. That does mean that the rest of his viewers could be learning Calculus on an adult platform.

The goal is for viewers to sign up for Changshu’s online course, which nets him over $US250,000 (AU$333,600) a year, which he uses to pay his staff and churn out maths videos.

“I didn’t want to teach maths on Pornhub,” he tells Mel Magazine. “I wanted to let the world know that I’m a teacher from Taiwan who can teach calculus well.” Hey, who said maths wasn’t sexy?

You can follow Changshu on Instagram here. If you want to check out his lessons, minus the Pornhub, Changshu also has a YouTube account.