The Google Pixel 6 Camera Has One Super Cool Feature That I’m Obsessed With

The Google Pixel 6 Camera Has One Super Cool Feature That I’m Obsessed With

Today, Google finally gave us new Pixels and while the fact the Pixel 6 range have a 50-MP camera should not be slept on, and definitely deserves all the attention it’s getting, there’s one very, very cool feature both Pixels have that we cannot get past: Magic Eraser.

Magic Eraser is basically a way to remove a photobomber. Told you it was cool.

This is one pair of Google’s promo pics for Magic Eraser:

Pixel 6 camera
Before Magic Eraser. Image: Google
Pixel 6 camera
After Magic Eraser. Image: Google

There’s no doubt the tech might not get it perfect, but if you use it on an area that doesn’t have a lot of texture, you should get a flawless photo without a photobomber (and without the need to be a Photoshop pro).

The feature is currently only available on the Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, but there’s every reason to expect it might roll out to previous models with future software updates. Keep in mind old photos might not work.

To use Magic Eraser:

  • Open Google Photos
  • Select a photo
  • Tap Edit
  • Go to ‘Tools’
  • Select ‘Magic eraser’
  • Magic Eraser will automatically suggest objects to remove with a tap
  • OR you can manually circle an object to remove it.

Pixel 6 And 6 Pro Cameras

Pixel 6 has a dual camera system – a 50-megapixel primary camera and a 12-MP ultra-wide camera.

The Pixel 6 Pro has a triple rear camera system – a 50-megapixel primary camera, a 12-MP ultra-wide camera and a 48-MP telephoto camera with 4x optical zoom.

Pixel 6 camera
Photo taken using ultra-wide lens. Image: Google

There’s also a bunch of editing you can do to photos in post-production, but a lot you can set while you’re taking a photo, too. These include pre-set auto-enhancements such as making a sky more vibrant, and the standard brightness/contrast features. Night mode also looks pretty epic. Of course there’s still everything you love about the camera on your Pixel 5, too, just better.

More Camera Features

Motion Mode

Motion Mode on the Pixel 6 camera allows for long exposure or action shots. Action Pan focuses on the moving subject and adds a creative blur to the background. While Long Exposure adds a creative blur to the moving subjects in the scene.

Motion Mode. (Image: Google)

To use Motion Mode

  • Open Camera App
  • Slide to Motion Mode
  • Select Action Pan or Long Exposure

Face Unblur

If you’ve taken a really, really good photo but you moved your face, resulting in a blur, don’t stress, Google’s got you. But you’ll only know when you look at your photos. If a photo has been enhanced by Face Unblur via the Pixel 6 camera, you’ll see a label on the pic.

Pixel 6 camera
Before Face Unblur. (Image: Google)
After Face Unblur. (Image: Google)

Real Tone

The last software feature we wanted to drill into with the latest Pixel 6 camera is something Google is calling ‘Real Tone’. Finally making a camera that accepts other skin tones exist isn’t something to actually be proud of (it shouldn’t be a ‘feature’ and it shouldn’t have taken until 2021), but the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro has Real Tone baked into its core camera algorithms to “ensure our camera represents the nuances of skin tones for all people beautifully and authentically”.

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