Asha Barbaschow

Asha Barbaschow is the Managing Editor of Gizmodo Australia. She specialises in data privacy and security, technology in government and legislation, emerging tech such as artificial intelligence, industry issues from Apple and Google through to Amazon and Facebook, gadgets, and can also answer all your burning horror movie questions. She’s also got a weird obsession with asking Australia’s prime ministers to explain ‘technology’. Asha has spent around a decade writing about all things technology, starting her journalism career at a local newspaper then landing at ZDNet as a journalist for over six years, covering the enterprise space. You can catch her on ABC’s Nightlife every fortnight, and she’s a regular on the Download This Show and Vertical Hold podcasts, giving her two cents on Triple J Hack and other commercial TV news programs over the years, too. In her spare time she listens to too much metal, watches too much sport and gets judged by her two cats. You can reach out to Asha via the channels below.