Sounds Like Mike Flangan’s Edgar Allen Poe Show Will Be Bloody as Hell

Sounds Like Mike Flangan’s Edgar Allen Poe Show Will Be Bloody as Hell

Mike Flanagan, the man behind some scary Netflix shows like Midnight Mass and the upcoming Midnight Club, loves himself some horror. In Mass and his Haunting shows, that horror starts slow before getting violent and ending poignantly. But for his upcoming series The Fall of the House of Usher, his adaptation of Edgar Allen Poe’s works is forgoing subtlety for some blood spilling.

In an episode of Bloody Disgusting’s Boo Crew podcast earlier this week, Flanagan hyped up how much of a departure Usher would be from his earlier work. “We just want buckets of blood pouring out of the ceiling on page two,” he said. Likening his previous shows to slow burns, Usher would be “a brush fire. It is an explosion…it’s rock and roll, over the top and just violent and insane and horrific.” Sounds pretty intense, and Flanagan attributed it to having the entire catalogue of the late horror writer at his disposal. That, and he’s decided that he wants some catharsis after the last few years. “It lets me play in a corner of the genre I haven’t gotten to play in in a long time. It’s fun to have fun!”

Outside of those superlatives, Flanagan did offer up some interesting info. Specifically, they’ll start shooting the series in January, and the cast should be announced “soon.” He and director Michael Fimognari will each direct four episodes apiece of the eight-episode miniseries. Fimognari’s directing credits are slim, with only the final two To All the Boys films to his name. But as cinematographer, he’s got a solid stack of horror, including two separate Walking Dead webseries, Doctor Sleep, Gerald’s Game, and The Haunting of Hill House.

Given that pedigree, plus Flanagan’s own work, Usher should be a delightfully fun and bloody time when it lands in the near future. If it’s as audacious and bloody as Flanagan as saying, it’ll be an interesting addition to his catalogue, and it’s always fun to watch directors lose their goddamn minds after having been previously restrained.

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