The HomePod Mini Gets a Burst of Colour

The HomePod Mini Gets a Burst of Colour
Contributor: Victoria Song and Asha Barbaschow

While we were all expecting MacBooks and AirPods, Apple threw a minor curveball out there today with a small HomePod Mini update. You can now get them in three new colours: blue, yellow, and reddish-orange.

HomePods aren’t new, we now just have them in a few more colours.

Additional Features

  • Expanded multi-user voice recognition: Starting later this year, Siri is expanding support for multi-user voice recognition. This means, like the Google Home, Siri will learn your voice and use your profile.
  • Automatic Siri volume: Siri will also automatically adjust the speaking volume on HomePod mini based on the room environment and volume of the user.
  • More voice options for Siri: Siri now includes more diverse voice options for English speakers, so users can choose the voice that speaks to them from the start when they set up their device (this is currently only for those in the U.S. so don’t expect any G’Day Mate convos just yet).
  • Elevate sound on Apple TV 4K: You can pair HomePod mini to Apple TV 4K. HomePod mini constantly analyses the audio and models the performance to deliver crystal-clear dialogue, Apple says.
  • Apple TV controls: Apple is touting this as allowing Siri and HomePod mini to power new ways for users to interact with Apple TV. (For example, you’ll be able to ask Siri to turn on Apple TV, start a show or movie and control playback).
  • Fun sounds: Ask Siri on HomePod mini what various animals, instruments or vehicles sound like and Siri will play a fun, high-fidelity sound.
  • Smart home device controls: Siri can also control smart home accessories at specific times, so Siri can turn off the lights in 10 minutes or turn on the outdoor lights at sunset.
  • Find My: Ask Siri on HomePod mini to help locate an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, Apple Watch or AirTag by playing a sound to pinpoint its location.

Is that all? Yup. That’s it, folks.  Probably not the update most people were thinking of, but it does seem like Apple’s taking a page out of Google’s book here. Google’s Nest speakers usually have some cute pastel colour options, which make them more attractive for decorating your home with.

Sure! Listen, today’s theme was Mac and Music, and technically speaking, the HomePod Mini is the only speaker right now in Apple’s lineup. Given the updates to Apple Music today, this kind of makes sense. The Siri-focused Voice Plan would be useful on this thing. But really, we’re stretching at this point.

Pricing And Availability

  • The colourful HomePod Minis will be available in yellow, orange and blue, in addition to white and space grey, for RRP $149.
  • We can expect to purchase HomePod mini in November from, in the Apple Store app and at Apple Store locations. HomePod mini will also be available through Apple authorised resellers and selected carriers.

HomePod mini is compatible with iPhone SE, iPhone 6s or later, or iPod touch (7th generation) running iOS 15; or iPad Pro, iPad (5th generation or later), iPad Air 2 or later, or iPad mini 4 or later running iPadOS 15.

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