The Nevers’ Mysterious Alien Creature Gets the Spotlight in This Behind-the-Scenes Clip

The Nevers’ Mysterious Alien Creature Gets the Spotlight in This Behind-the-Scenes Clip

“Elephant, octopus, T-rex” — those are the three inspirations that helped VFX designers craft the Galanthi, the giant, glowing alien that was maybe the weirdest part of HBO’s overall rather weird The Nevers. In a new clip from the special features of the forthcoming home video release, VFX supervisor Johnny Han, series writer and executive producer Jane Espenson, and stars Laura Donnelly (who plays Amalia True) and Denis O’Hare (Dr. Edmund Hague) ruminate on The Nevers’ most startling co-star. Gizmodo has a sneak peek to share below.

Trying to explain the plot of The Nevers to someone who hasn’t seen it is pretty daunting, but the show (originally a Joss Whedon joint, though he departed prior to its airing) is set in a version of Victorian London in which a mysterious event has caused a number of people, mostly women, to develop an array of distinctive, oddly specific superpowers. Persecuted and exploited by the snooty aristocrats who rule over what’s still a very class-structured society, the “Touched,” as they’re called, join together to fight for their rights while trying to figure out exactly what purpose their special abilities are meant to serve.

Oh, and this is all while being targeted by a doctor (played by O’Hare) who has a zombie army he deploys to kidnap them for sinister back-room science experiments, keeping a tentative peace with the local street gang (led by Nick Frost), and figuring out what to do when a supervillain inevitably pops up in their midst. Also there’s a world-weary cop character, a sassy newspaper reporter, and, as previously mentioned, a giant glowing alien who appears both in Victorian London and in the utterly bonkers flash-forward season finale. Told you it was weird! So now that you have a little bit of context as to The Nevers’ wild, wild world, here’s that clip talking about the Galanthi:

The title of this release, The Nevers: Season 1 Part 1, offers a reminder that there’s more to come — though as of yet there’s no word on when Season 1 Part 2 might be arriving to address the many lingering questions from the first half of the season. The Warner Bros. Home Entertainment release comes with all six hourlong episodes so far (which are also still streaming on HBO Max), as well as over two hours of bonus features including a pair of exclusive featurettes.

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