If Wheel of Time Is Already Confusing You, Here’s Some Good News

If Wheel of Time Is Already Confusing You, Here’s Some Good News

The first three episodes of Prime Studios’ live-action adaptation of Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time series arrived just this past Friday, and if you haven’t read the books it can be… a bit much. There’s a lot of names to learn and places to keep track of, plus organisations, cultures, mythology, and lingo that all get dropped in those first three hours of TV. Thankfully — or perhaps necessarily — Amazon has a substantive guide to the lore of The Wheel of Time ready for you.

Here’s the good news: so far, it only covers the people, locations, and events seen in the episodes so far, so there are no dangers of spoilers if you’re just looking for a bit of clarity while you’re watching your show. Here’s the better news: it’s free to check out even if you don’t have Amazon Prime, meaning you can peruse it and see if you feel like shelling out the cash to watch The Wheel of Time.

There are brief bios of the eight main characters, of course, but there’s also a surprisingly robust map of the places seen so far on the series, as well as a timeline of the events of each episode as a sort-of permanently growing “Previously on The Wheel of Time” guide. The most extensive resource is a compendium divided into Mythology, Organisations, Creatures, Artifacts, and Landmarks, which very helpfully explains the relationship between the Pattern of Fate, the Ta’veren who can alter it, and the Wheel that weaves it. Again, if you’ve read the original fantasy books, it’s unlikely any of this information will be new to you. But unless you took extensive notes while watching the Amazon show, chances are there’s something you can get out of it — just head here and scroll down.

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