Pet Tech Is So Extravagant You Can Now Get Gourmet Meals Delivered to Your Dog

Pet Tech Is So Extravagant You Can Now Get Gourmet Meals Delivered to Your Dog

At some point we need to think about our day-to-day things and ask “does it need ‘smart’ written in front of it?” Ilume thinks so.

Melbourne-based startup Ilume is set on providing your dog with a smart bowl and collar, eager to track its diet and keep its health in check.

As someone living the Petless Renter™ life in Sydney it seems like it could be a good system? The bowl, collar and app work in unison to track the activity of your dog, including its diet and exercise levels. It could be a good indicator for the health of your pet.

Then again, come on, you know what your pet’s diet is. You’re the one feeding that little devil cat or that sweet angel of a puppy.

Here at Giz, we’re all too familiar with pet tech and dogs, especially when our lazy animals think they’re too good for fitness trackers. We can’t blame them.

Yeah, you’re being tracked online, so why not let a company track your pet as well?

“Ilume is a game-changer for pet owners,” says Craig Silbery, the chief executive officer of Ilume, “by empowering them with the knowledge, the technology and the restaurant-quality food that is scientifically proven to deliver a happier and healthier life for our beloved four-legged friends.”

“We’re using real science and data to formulate our Ilume recipes and health insights, and we are going even further by investing millions of dollars into clinical studies with two renowned Australian and New Zealand universities to shape the future of pet health.”

Uh, okay, sure, you can know about my pet’s eating, sleeping, pooping and exercise habits. Most of my pets have been absolute lap warmers, so I feel like their stats would have been super boring.

Ilume is like Hello Fresh, but for dogs

Right now it’s only open to dogs, and the Ilume website has a handy tool for figuring out your dog’s new meal plan.

Image: Ilume

You can sign your dog up for Ilume’s personalised meal plans for $12 per day (charged at $168 fortnightly, when you’ll receive deliveries). Yes. You can sign your pet up for a Marley Spoon-like meal delivery.

The data that is collected from the smart collar is sent online. Fortnightly, the Ilume kitchen in Keysborough Melbourne will prepare a meal perfect for your animal, which will be delivered to your door. Chef-prepared meals for dogs based on data collection. I read that right and so did you.

That also means this food service is exclusive to Melbourne right now, although it’ll be launching nationally sometime next year.

The smart bowl will be launching in January next year, while the smart collar and the Ilume app are available now. The smart collar is included in your fortnightly subscription.

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