Luigi Finally Gets His Lego Due With Luigi’s Mansion Sets

Luigi Finally Gets His Lego Due With Luigi’s Mansion Sets

Nintendo puts the spotlight on Mario so much that when they turn their eye to his younger brother Luigi, it makes those moments shine all the brighter. So it goes with Lego: as of a couple months ago, the green plumber has his own Super Mario Starter Course, and now he’s getting some sets all to himself. Well, and the ghouls n’ goblins that want a piece of his overalls.

A trio of expansions will be arriving in 2022 all themed around Luigi’s Mansion, that wonderfully charming subseries where Luigi Mario goes to haunted houses and busts ghosts with a vacuum cleaner. For $40, the Lab and Poltergust set will feature Professor E. Gadd and his laboratory, where you can test those phantom catching skills with a Poltergust that comes with a Strobulb accessory. Catching the Gold Ghost will reward you with a coin, if you needed some incentive to hunt that jerk down.

The second set, Entryway, will be priced at $US40 (A$53) and has you coming up with a creative way to beat Bogmire. You’ll also need to look for Polterpup’s Golden Bone and give it back to him. Just try to avoid getting frightened by a Boo while you’re walking around.

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Finally, the $US80 (A$106) Haunt-and-Seek set comes with a series of rotating hallways, perfect for hunting gems and fighting ghosts. By attaching the other two sets to this one, you’ve effectively got a whole big mansion to play with and tweak how you like, and the press release encourages using other Lego Super Mario sets to add even more variety. With some friends, it could be a cute way to have some Luigi’s Mansion multiplayer if you can get creative enough. Maybe it can be the new version of LAN parties, since those basically died out long ago, with some exceptions.

All three Luigi’s Mansion sets will be released worldwide on January 1. If you’re doing anything and manage to get the sets, that’s not a bad way to ring in the New Year.