Unlike Apple, Samsung Was Giving Its Cleaning Cloth Away For Free

Unlike Apple, Samsung Was Giving Its Cleaning Cloth Away For Free

Remember Apple’s cleaning cloth that last month had the world outraged? Yeah, that $29 polishing cloth we labelled as highlighting everything that was wrong with society? Well, Samsung has its own cleaning cloth, and for a lucky few, it was $29 cheaper than Apple’s.

Apple gadgets are expensive. The accessories for those gadgets are also expensive. This we know, and yet, the company seems to always find new ways to make us go: wait, you want us to pay how much now?

Frankly, the $29 cleaning cloth took things too far.

As spotted by Galaxy Club, Samsung’s cleaning cloth was being offered up for way cheaper. So cheap, in fact, that it was free.

The site spotted a promotion in Samsung’s Germany members app, which involved giving out a free cleaning cloth to the first 1,000 people who sign up for the offer.

According to Android Authority, the Samsung cleaning cloth measures 20cm x 20cm, making it larger than Apple’s cloth.

At a glance, Apple’s cloth looks like an average microfibre cloth with an Apple logo stamped on it. The Samsung one looks much the same.

To be 100 per cent fair, it appears the Apple-branded cloth is for Apple’s Pro Display XDR and the 27-inch 2020 iMac. These displays feature nano-texture glass that Apple says you should “use only the polishing cloth that came with your Pro Display XDR or iMac” to clean it. Supposedly, this is because the nano-texture glass is incredibly delicate and can be damaged by other cleaning cloths. Fair, I guess.

The promotion has now disappeared from the German Samsung Members app, Galaxy Club reports, meaning there’s only a handful of Samsung users with the elusive screen-wipers in their possession.

It seems like this promotion is only hitting Germany for now, so everyone else just has to spend the loose change on an unbranded cleaning cloth for now (we’ve found a 20-pack at Bunnings for $10, if you’re interested). Or, you can fork out the $29 for the Apple one, when stock is refilled.

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