Updates From Star Wars’ Andor, Ms. Marvel, and More

Updates From Star Wars’ Andor, Ms. Marvel, and More

Finn Wolfhard is setting himself up for a return to horror with a new slasher movie. Daniel Dae Kim prepares for his role as Avatar’s villain. Plus what’s coming on Legends of Tomorrow and Batwoman, and a new look at Hanna’s third season. To me, my spoilers!

Updates From Star Wars’ Andor, Ms. Marvel, and More

Captain Britain

In a recent interview with THR, big nerd Henry Cavill stated he believes it’d be “loads of fun” to play Captain Britain in a future MCU project.

I’m never going to say a Marvel character that is already being played by someone else because everyone’s doing such an amazing job. However, I have the internet and I have seen the various rumours about Captain Britain and that would be loads of fun to do a cool, modernised version of that — like the way they modernised Captain America. There’s something fun about that, and I do love being British.

Untitled Finn Wolfhard Slasher

Finn Wolfhard revealed he’s developing a slasher movie set at a summer camp in a recent interview with NME.

It’s a horror-comedy-slasher movie that takes place at a camp.

The Munsters

Filming has officially begun on Rob Zombie’s The Munsters.

Hocus Pocus 2

Sarah Jessica Parker teased the return of her bleach blonde hair as Sarah Sanderson in an Instagram story captured by Screen Rant. Click through to have a look.

Portal Runner

A teenager who learns mirrors are doorways to alternate realities is pursued by an evil entity in the trailer for Portal Runner, coming to VOD December 10.

Star Wars: Andor/Ms. Marvel

According to Comic Book, the Cassian Andor spinoff series, and Marvel’s Kamala Khan show, have both been given Q4 2022 premiere windows.

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Daniel Dae Kim shared a behind-the-scenes photo of himself in the make-up chair for his role as Ozai in the live-action Avatar series.

The Boys

Vought International has named Homelander the Sexiest Hero Alive in a new promo for season three. Sorry, but he’s no Paul Rudd.

Legends of Tomorrow

The Legends visit Chernobyl in the trailer for next week’s episode, “Deus Ex Latrina.”


Meanwhile, Batwoman introduces a brand-new Poison Ivy in the trailer for next week’s “How Does Your Garden Grow?”


Finally, Amazon has released a new trailer for the third season of Hanna.

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