Scott Morrison Wants You To Recycle More

Scott Morrison Wants You To Recycle More

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has today launched a new campaign urging Aussies to recycle more. The ReMade In Australia campaign, he says, also shows how we can help create jobs and protect our environment.

According to the PM, ReMade In Australia is a “critical step in giving Australians the confidence to recycle more and to buy products manufactured with recycled content”.

“We are taking responsibility for our waste, we put a stop to it being shipped overseas as someone else’s problem and we have made recycling one of six national manufacturing priorities,” Morrison said Monday morning.

“Australians are doing the right thing and they want to be assured that the efforts they make in recycling at their homes and workplaces are delivering real outcomes, from the roads they drive on to the sunglasses they choose to wear.

“We need to recycle even more and this campaign will help consumers and business understand the benefits that recycling can deliver for our environment and for jobs.”

The website dedicated to ReMade in Australia says the initiative will see the government help industry transform our recycled rubbish into “all sorts of things that definitely aren’t rubbish”. Like old plastic bottles into playgrounds, used tyres into brand new roads and mobile phones back into cutting-edge electronics.

The prime minister’s press release said television advertising will come later this month as Australians buy new products and “recycle everything from packaging to electronic food across Christmas and New Year”. Electronic food? Keen.

ReMade in Australia forms part of the government’s Recycling Modernisation Fund, which has a $800 million kitty and the goal of creating 10,000 new jobs and diverting 10 million tonnes of waste from going to landfill.

There’s also the federal National Waste Policy Action Plan, which aims to reduce total waste generated in Australia by 10 per cent per person and achieve an 80 per cent average recovery rate from all waste streams by 2030.

This website can help with info on where to recycle in your area, there’s also ways you can dump your electronic waste safely and PlanetArk has a cute video on what exactly can be recycled.

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